What is Beachbody Coaching?

I've decided to follow my heart and instinct on hosting a 5 Day Sneak Peek into the world of Beachbody Coaching. 
A private group, and a new group each month on Facebook, where I give you the insight and information you are probably 
curious about when it comes to this opportunity I love so much. 

A group with absolutely NO expectation 
other than watching a video each day and at the end of the 5 days 
YOU will determine whether you would be a good fit for our growing team of fitness and health coaches. 

Consider it a job interview where YOU decide if the job is yours.

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I became a Coach in December of 2011. I really didn’t KNOW if this was going to be something I’d see through. I came from a very busy work schedule that had a steady paycheck so, this type of business model was pretty foreign to me. I knew what I didn’t want (working for someone else, being a number, a Cash "COW", being degraded every time I had to beg for time off), but wasn't sure if this was really “the dream job” others made it out to be. I mean, they were just trying to “sell me this opportunity” anyway, right?!
Beachbody Coaching , Business Opportunity, Coach Sneak Peek, Sara Stakeley, Sarastakeley.com,

I've experienced a lot over the years. I left my day job after several months of Beachbody coaching. I was able to relocate and work from home part time and at the spa part time, embracing my two favorite things to make a income! 
I have seen that truly ANYONE can do this business, regardless of what background they have. Unlike in the job world where you get hand selected based on what you’ve DONE, here you select YOURSELF and decide where you want to GO. 
I’ve been on numerous exotic paid vacations. I've experienced what it feels like to be present with my husband and family in time of need, and can provide them experiences I was never able to before because having enough time or money was always an issue. I’ve tripled what I was earning working at the spa 65+ hours a week! And because of that, for the first time ever our family is becoming debt free and able to pay cash for everything.
Beachbody Coaching , Business Opportunity, Coach Sneak Peek, Sara Stakeley, Sarastakeley.com,

I have the most amazing TEAM of supportive, caring, funny and passionate coaches from all over North America that I get to build this business with every single day. We all have come together to create the most efficient ways for all of our new coaches to start experiencing and building their OWN freedom.
So I can say, YES- this CAN BE the dream job everyone makes it out to be!

So here is my “no strings attached” invitation to YOU to just hear me out. I will be opening up this group this next week and each day I will share with you why anyone can do this and enjoy the same level of personal and professional satisfaction that I have. To be included, please apply below or message me privately.