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When you get confused on how to measure or track a "mixed" meal, Page 70 in the Eating Plan book is a section that I found helpful as a restaurant guide and the Fix Mixed food guide. 
Hope this helps. 

My Story:

21 Day fix with water
Add mint extract
Add Cold black coffee
Add Cinnamon or Nutmeg
Frozen Berries
Frozen Banana (Makes it smooth)
Add ground Flax seed
Add ground Chia Seed
Add 1 teaspoon Nut Butter
Add 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Water Bar
Add fresh fruit and herbs to your water FREE on the Fix!!
My favorite Oranges or Watermelon!!
Add Fresh Mint or even Rosemary!!
Drink Sparkling Water with Lemon or lime!!

Salad Dressing

Drink a large glass of warm lemon water when you first wake up before you eat breakfast. Lemon water is a natural detox and it also jump starts your metabolism in the am. I use a lemon squeezer and squeeze an entire lemon into my cup and fill to the top with warm tap water. Then, I do not allow myself to eat breakfast until the entire glass of water is gone. 

Tip: Lemons tend to go bad quickly so to get the most out of your lemons, squeeze all of the juice into ice cube trays and then just pop them out and go each morning!

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