Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fall Back Into Fitness and WIN BIG this September!

OH YEAH!!! We’re doing something fun!!
Ok...so ya know The Biggest Loser?
WELL… My Team, Team Evolve is about to run an online accountability group with a similar concept!

So, if you’re ready to hit some goals and you’re a competitive person…this is for YOU!

I am teaming up with some of my coach friends for this one, so the spots are limited since a few of us are adding to this group! {5 have already placed their bets!}

If you’re sick of not feeling your best and you could use the motivation…let’s do this! 
I’m ready to be a challenger right along with you!

What is a Team Evolve CHALLENGE GROUP... You Ask?

So the challenge group is a 30 day group. It's all done through an app on your phone for 24/7 support. So only the members of the group can see what is being posted.

Week 1 is PREP week and I will teach you everything I have learned to keep your meals on point and EASY!!

What I do is help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs. 

Then I help you choose the best Beachbody workout to get there based on your ability level. 

With the Unlimited Beachbody On demand Challenge Pack YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES!
Your Workout goes with you on your smart phone, PC or Smart TV!!
I actually travel with a fire stick and it's easy and done!

And it is Currently On Sale!! SCORE!!

You replace 1 meal a day with shakeology for the next 30 days to give your body 1 meal that is supercharged with ingredients that will give you natural energy, cravings will be curbed, you will stay full for at least 3 hours and it's equivalent to 5 salads in one meal. 

Then, I am going to teach you how to plan the other meals of the day. I will help you create a customized meal plan, give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and keep you accountable.

Every day I post in the challenge group your daily mindset tip or post. You check in and rate your day and read what is posted. We all keep each other accountable!

I am going to address the emotional eating, eating out at restaurants, how to handle the temptations, SNACKS, EATING FOOD TO LOSE, cheat meals, body image and more!

I've created an entire curriculum for my group!

We are also going to have a $10 BUY IN for this group.

You could win up to $300+!!! 

Maybe a JUMP START on Christmas GIFTS!!

Or a Weekend AWAY!!


Here is My Story with the Beachbody Challenge and WHY I have consistently run at least 1 challenge group per month for the last 6 YEARS!!

I BELIEVE 100% that it will change your life.... If you let it!!

I’m looking for a few people 
who are SERIOUS and READY.

This Challenge Group has Limited Spots and Will be available to My Customers and Team Evolve Coach Customers Only. 
If I am your coach fill out the application below. If you have purchased from Beachbody but have not been given support or have never been contacted by a coach please add that in the description below. 
Each member will replace a meal a day with shakeology and chose a Beachbody in home or on demand workout program to keep the playing field fair. It will run for 30 days and the winner will be based on participation, your weight in measurements and by the scale.
You will be Required to submit before and after photo's privately to me.

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