Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring into Shape!!

Can you believe that is the first day of SPRING!! 
I am soooo ready for the pool to open up here at my house, bonfires, and deck parties!

Winter hasn't been terrible in the Pittsburgh 412, but I have a friends wedding to look forward to and TRIPS!! I am ready to tackle the winter blues and get some Vitamin D! 
Are you looking to get healthy and in shape this Spring? 

Do you have a Wedding coming up like I do?
Maybe a Beach Trip or you just want to ROCK your Tank Tops and Shorts!! 

Than you are in the right place.... 
Read on! 

Spring is Right around the corner!
It's not selfish to LOVE yourself, to take care of yourself, and to make YOUR happiness a priority. It is ESSENTIAL! 

As a wife and business owner I know how easy it is to put yourself on the backburner. It is easy to let that "GUILT" take over and feel like you are being selfish if you are doing something for yourself when there are a million other things that need done around the house.

What I have learned is that I am impatient, short fused, moody, and not really a great role model when I do not take care of myself. When I exercise it is my therapy, it's my "ME" time and it actually helps me have a better attitude through the day. I don't leave the house to workout, I simply have found a way to get in my workout (30 minutes a day) and still get the rest of life done!!

Because I fuel my body with good food I have the energy to keep up with my family! Because I drink Shakeology daily it boosts my immune system, gives me 1 meal a day I don't have to think about and I know it's giving my body what it needs to function optimally.

I have learned how to Eat Clean, I have taught my family, and my husband all eat the same way! Focusing on what we put into our bodies has become a part of our lifestyle and I feel very called to pass that on to others.

This month my focus is embracing SPRING. Maybe you have a wedding coming up for yourself or a friend, maybe a beach vacation, or you just want to feel good in your skin! We are doing a little "Spring Cleaning" on our bodies by making time for ourselves. We are honoring our bodies by nourishing it with good food and I'm going to teach you how!

I'm going to be breaking down meal planning step by step.
Giving you simple easy to follow recipes and accountability.
I am also going to be matching you up with a fitness program that meets your needs and guiding you from start to finish of the program we choose!

You will log in daily to our app based accountability group daily for the tips of the day and motivation and accountability from the other members of the group!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

There is no better time than now! Make yourself a priority and watch your entire affect in life change, trust me on this! I'm living proof of how investing in yourself can create a more positive environment for everyone around you!

If you are NOT CURRENTLY A COACH or WORKING WITH A COACH please complete the application to get more information and join:


Click "GOING" on this event to stay up to date on details and more!

We will start March 13th with our plan and prep and the group will run for 4 weeks! After completion I will add you to my community of support to create a lifestyle of ongoing support!!

It's go time! Time to honor your body and love the skin you are in!!!

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