Monday, January 30, 2017

Whole30 Week 2 Review!

Alright the hardest part was definetly week ONE!! Week two was BLISS!! I was in the grove with my workouts, my meal plan and shakeology as a snack was the secret sauce!!

AND than my weekend got switched up SUPER busy and..... I did good, but eating away from home can be tricky!!
I asked questions at the Memorial service I was at to the food staff, but I am not sure if they knew what was in the food. So I had veggies and gluten free meatballs and tried my hardest to get the sauce off because I am pretty sure sugar was an ingredient.

My point is Life happens and I got so much from this memorial service mentally for a teacher I had and the amazing life he lead and touching others lives.

That being said. I did my best and I am not starting over but giving myself grace and moving forward. I know I am a rule breaker but this is my personal journey and I am happy with the way I am feeling and how my mood, sleep and toilet habits have changed! :)

The beginning of my week is going to look very similar to end of last week since I have my meats defrosted and ready to go for this week, but I plan on trying a few new meals so I can have more easy meals to share with you and my group for accountability in february!!

I have noticed my water is slacking!! So this week my goal is to track my water and get it in!!
I love this trick! Wrap a hair band, rubber band or something around your glass! As you fill up move a band up! Easy! 

So onward and upward week 3 in full effect and I will be adding the sloppy joe and salmon cakes recipe this week!! Stay tuned here! The sloppy joe was great friday night, however I may change the name because in my mind sloppy joe wasn't what it tasted like. So my mind didn't care for it but my taste buds loved it! I know I am weird like that but honestly!! It matters! 

Make it a great week!!  

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