Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 1 Whole30 Review!

Week 1 SEE YA!! Here we go Week 2!! 

Whole30 week 1 review 


Whole30 and Shakeology (nutrition)
P90X3 on Beachbody On demand (workouts)

As a coach I run accountability groups online. Every Sunday in my group we all share our meal plans and set up for success for our week! This holds me accountable as the coach as well as a place for me to share the nitty gritty day in day out grind of changing unhealthy habits!! 

Week 1 of the Whole30 was HARD for me and I know w/out their support I would have given in and thrown in the towel!! My mind wanted me to give in, stop the headaches and just be OK with eating "clean" and still having my little cheats. 

Today I feel like a million bucks!! I am sleeping better, my intolerances to the healthy food I was eating have gone away. TMI poop talk is gone from my life!! AMEN!

So THAT makes it all worth it!!

I started Monday already 9 pounds down for the month of January with changing my mindset with food, eating clean, and adding movement. CONSISTENCY!! I said it is my Middle Name and I mean it! Adding in the Whole30 is to fine tune and listen to my body and what it is that I need to feel amazing, EVERYDAY.

So we will see where the scale tips 23 days from now. That rule I am following! However I will not stop drinking shakeology. I have replaced a meal/snack a day with a shake and it is NON-Negotiable for my health and has been the Key factor in removing prescriptions from my Personal life with PCOS. or lack there of if you are me!! TMI again!! 

Alright!! Week 2 meal plan!! 

Whole30 Meal Plan with Vegan Shakeology 

Workout: Less Modifications with my workout.
Nutrition: Change Shakeology from my lunch to a Snack

For Information on my next accountability group click here, fill out this form and I will get back to you ASAP!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Sara! I have been wanting to start Whole30 but get stuck when it comes to menu planning. I have tried to just jump into it but then I get home and nothing planned so crappy food it is one more night! I am going to use this and your previous as a start! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Dawn! I appreciate your support, but know that you don't have to do it alone! I run online support groups to help! If you feel that is something that could help you feel free to reach out to me.