Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello 2017!! My middle name is CONSISTENCY! Whole30 Ready!

So I did the Whole30 back in August and at the time I was having some issues with either milk or whole grain/gluten. I saw my Dr and before we went any further with testing I wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own. I felt bloated and I had an issue every time I ate it went straight through me! I know TMI but that is what was going on!! Makes for a fun dinner night out!!
Well after completing the Whole30 I really felt better! Honestly I think it is my body and complex carbs that it didn't like! I gave up cow's milk forever ago for hormonal reasons and do ok with processed dairy, but the quality has to be there for me and it has to be clean!

That being said... I have decided to challenge myself again to do the whole30 and THIS time follow the steps to gradually add back in things after, not like before! September was my Birthday Month so let's just say I over did it!

Now Shakeology has SAVED my world with my health and PCOS so you bet I am not giving that up, however I plan to continue to drink Vegan Chocolate with water daily and over replacing a meal I will have it with a meal or snack. I did this in August and it was perfect FOR ME!! I know the book says NO SHAKEOLOGY but it was written before Vegan was launched and I feel perfectly fine adding in a split pea based 100% natural nutrient dense shake into my plan. (period)

Now onto the Food!
Here is a List Of YES foods! And No Foods!!

Easy Right!! Sure! UNLESS you are like me and Love Wine and even a Dark Beer!! LOL! 
That my friends is the HARDEST for me! GoodBye Drinks!! 
I am not a big drinker at home, but I love watching a Steelers Game with a beer, or having a glass of wine on a date night!! The struggle is REAL! However I will behave for 30 days and stick to an amazing glass of LaCroix or Sparkling water..... 

Mocktail is my Middle name... Right Beside CONSISTENCY!! My goal this year for my health is just that! Staying CONSISTENT. I tend to do well for a awhile get comfortable and let off the gas!
Getting back into a workout routine is HARD and if you have had surgery like I have or just fell off the wagon you know this feeling! Maybe you need to join me and make CONSISTENCY your middle name too!

I purchased Unlimited Beachbody On Demand and I have a TON of great workouts to choose from! Everything and Anything Ever Created from BB!! So I played around a bit and decided that it would be best to pick ONE and follow it to a T!! Consistently for the time the workout schedule calls for TILL the end, 6 days a week!!

I chose!! P90X3!! I started 5 years ago with P90X and loved it, but hated it LOL! It got me results and I feel like it will be a challenge for my I Can't Workout mindset after my ACL surgery! Yep Scaredy cat! I love Tony and the pace of the workouts! I love that X3 is 30 minutes OVER 1 hour with the original! So that is that! I commit!

I had a goal to start January 9th!!! Got sick and now January 16th is my day!! As I type this I am starting to breathe again so by monday and after a week of yoga I AM READY!!

I plan to video diary my transformation so stay tuned for some sexy no makeup cry sessions!! I think it will remind me to not quite and to keep the pace!

Thank you for reading and whether you follow me for recipes or just for fun I am thankful to have your support!  Post below a Hey Girl if you read this!!
Are you OUT THERE!! :)

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Here's to your health and 2017!!

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