Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Coach Summit 2016 -Design a life that you LOVE!

We just got back from coach summit and it was AMAZING!! 
Coach Summit is like the academy awards of Beachbody! It is packed with Live Workouts with Celebrity trainers, training from top coaches, product announcements and Recognition!! 
It's a Jam packed, Fun Filled 3 days!! 

Coach Summit 2016 

This year I flew solo and stayed with my team at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Spa. 
Our Hotel was beautiful and my roomies where tons of fun! 
I flew in early thursday morning and hit the ground running!! 

We headed to the convention center to register, and check out the core!!
Core is a BIG Beachbody Swag Shopping Mall!! 

Sara Stakeley
Country Heat Shopping 

We did some damage.... 

Core Shopping!

 Meet Kasey a Coach from Boston on my team! She joined last September worked toward a FREE TRIP to summit and she received her Diamond medal and achievement tags! 

Sara Stakeley, Kasey Caplis
Kasey Caplis Diamond Coach 

After we checked in we headed to Tequila Cowboys for a team meet and greet! 
It is always fun to get together for work and see my team from all over the US and Canada in one place. Being surrounded by Like-minded people is always so comforting and getting to meet some of them in person and not just online is filled with hugs and smiles! 

We found a place up the road for dinner and everywhere you go in Nashville is filled with live music and good southern bbq! I tried the pulled pork bunless and collard greens!! 

I saved my bread for a few cocktails and the JOLEAN was worth it! We ate, we sang along with the performer and danced a little around the table! 

Opening Night was filled with excitement at the Nissan Stadium. 25,000 coaches filled the seats and the energy in the room was electric! 

We learned new product releases, upcoming releases on Beachbody On demand and tons of motivation and recognition! 

My Coach Teresa took to the floor to be recognized for achieving 1 star and I swear it was like the Olympics as they entered the stadium waving white flag!! I am so proud of this Wife & Mom of three!! She is hardworking on herself and changing lives!! 

Teresa Monaco 1 Star Parade! 

Day 2 we headed back to the Convention center for a day filled of learning and inspiration. 


We started the morning at 6am with a live 22 minute hard corps workout with MY MAN Tony Horton! Is was as funny as ever and everyone got a good sweat in!

Friday night we headed out to Broadway for dinner with the team and my Coach Teresa's family. 

We had dinner, filled with live music and even a 12 year old guest appearance from Teresa's daughter, from Pittsburgh singing Live with the band!! She requested a song and they invited her up to sing it. Everyone clapped and I was so shocked!! She has an amazing voice and nerves of steel! 

Saturday Morning the alarm went off and we stayed out later than we wanted to the night before but got up and headed to back to Broadway Street where now the streets where blocked off and 25,000 hit the street for the live Super Workout!! 

25,00 working out 

This was AMAZING!! Having all of these people in one area working out was something that is hard to explain. Talk about motivating!! Everyone all sizes, genders and race coming together to get a good sweat on with the celebrity trainers! 

After the workout we found a little dinner and had a breakfast of champions in the south!! Biscuits and Gravy that I think I will remember for a long time! It could have been the late night out the night before OR it could have been the amount of sweat we left on the pavement that morning but it WAS GOOD!! After we refueled I had to head over to the stadium to practice for the celebration that night. 

I love being on stage and it was fun to practice with other leaders on the team and the professional dancers! After practice we headed to the workshops and general sessions. 

The Last night was here and we had VIP seats on the floor! 
Celebration Night is filled with recognition and rewards! My favorite is the Transformation winners. Beachbody gives away big MONEY to the top Male and Female transformation of the year! 

We where sitting right behind them and their families and when they shared their stories you could hear a pin drop in the stadium. Story's like many of us of struggle and finding hope with movement and health. It is so inspiring to hear how the challenge groups can change lives!! 

Last but not least.... The TOP COACH performance! We headed back stage and put on our Tiaraa's and waited to perform. 

Looking out from the stage at 25,000 smiling faces is CRAZY cool! Everyone was so excited to celebrate my team for achieving #1 spot out of  480,00 coaches in the organization!! AMAZING!! 

Did you know that you can make a career out of your passion for eating healthy and working out? I didn't! I actually had NO IDEA that this even existed until I personally needed to lose weight and get off some serious prescriptions for PCOS. I was introduced to the online community of support & accountability by my coach and began my journey to losing 30+ pounds with P90X, Eating Clean, Shakeology and truly the support from my coach and fellow customers!

I started small, I helped others make better choices, I shared my tips & tricks to staying on track, I shared motivation, I provided accountability and support! I did this all from HOME or on my breaks from my smart phone working 60+ hours at the spa! This fit my lifestyle & gave me freedom and a little extra income to be comfortable with our life.

Then, as I saw the opportunity that Beachbody presented I began to dream bigger, push harder & success began to take place.

Financial Freedom

FAST FORWARD 5 years later and I have built an income on social media, I have helped hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals, I have created a business that has given Brian and I freedom, we have paid off credit card debt, student loans and car payments! It has allowed me to work full time from home, supporting me through 6 months of post surgery rehab! 

It sounds crazy but I did it because I am driven, motivated and willing to fail forward!

You can do it too!

You might think... I'm not like her or I don't have that transformation, but if you go back and look at the pictures from 5 years ago when I started you can clearly see that I am just like you! I have grown into the Entrepreneur I am now with lots of practice and hard work!
I have created a proven system to teach you how to do the same thing!
If you are interested in learning more about what I do as a coach then fill out this application below or email me sstakeley@hotmail.com 📧
I am going to be hosting a no strings attached sneak peek online event so you can gather more information about the business and the opportunity!

Life is short, why not love your career and call your days work your passion that brings in the paycheck!!! I would LOVE to see you with me next year as we head to NEW ORLEANS for Coach Summit 2017!! 

Design a life that you LOVE! 

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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