Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some things are better left as a Draft... but I felt strongly that I needed to say this.

I have opened this Blog probably 20 times or more to write to just close it with no words to type or save it as a draft thinking who would want to read that. Some things are better left a draft, but I have always thought if someone out there reading this needs to hear this, just 1 than I need to push publish.

The last 8 months have really been a struggle for me. I feel like I had my surgery to better my knee and yet somewhere along the healing process I have lost myself. I'm not sure if it is my fault for not focusing 100% on the good and how far I have come and NOT how far I have to go, but I am struggling.  I feel like that Debbie downer on SNL. Yeah things look great on the outside but the minute I open my mouth I can't seem to find anything good to say here.

Who wants to hear me complain..... we are surrounded by negativity everywhere! I really try to focus on the positive side of things and I am always trying to better myself.

Maybe it is the fact that I had this during the holidays and here in PA we all tend to hibernate during the winter, maybe it's because I felt like this holiday was hard enough since it was the first holiday without my father in law and I felt as if I had to protect my husband from feeling that way.
Whatever it was it was a long winter and now into summer I find myself slowly "crawling" out of my hole and my bigger pants size.

How can I motivate others when I feel this way inside....

Not that your walk defines a person but it sure does help your swager.. LOL not to mention when your shoe game is 100% flats or sneakers.

The ultimate battle of the mind... how dare I feel sad, lost or even depressed over over of this when someone out there is dealing with so much worse.

Workouts have been an issue for me.... I did and loved CIZE but had to create my own moves for limited movement with jumping and cross jumping.

Personal Development has been KEY!! I was learning tips for my business but switched gears to boost my positivity with something light that makes you think and I found the Energy Bus.

I love it!

What you focus on is what you receive and I was totally focusing on the wrong things.

> I have been blessed to be able to take the time to recovery with my beachbody business and create an income from home. It is my job to share that blessing with others!

> I can help others who feel the same and want to focus on their health mentally and physically, because I have been there.

> My struggles have always become my story, and in a way I have experienced it - so I will have a better knowledge to help others.

>It took me 5 months to learn to walk again and YES I have gained weight but I have the tools to change. No movement and Not focusing on nutrition doesn't work!!

> Start each day with a Grateful Heart!

Recovery be it after a death or even surgery can feel very lonely... not because you don't have friends but friends don't know what to say and they have the same busy life that they always had it's just you that can't keep up. You can really feel alone and the Gosh I can't believe you are still dealing with this gets old. Know that you are not alone.

If you are reading this and haven't had surgery but at times have just felt down you can relate. I think in life we have good days and everyone has bad. Change your focus. Focus on what makes you happy, focus on the good and the bad will fade away.

Thank you for listening...
I apologize for being so quiet here.
I have been creating recipes, I have been adding movement and I am working on creating my best transformation yet!! Stay tuned!

If you read this I would love to know why you follow me!
Moving forward I want this to be the best place for you! Post Below!

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