Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ready, SET...... CIZE

I love the Sunday before the start of a Challenge. Everyone is excited and all the plan and prep that we did this week has prepared my accountability group to hit the ground running!!
As for me the "FEARLESS" leader and Coach in the group...... WELL
I'm ready!! I'm excited!! I'm TERRIFIED!! LOL!

Sara Stakeley

It has been 7 LONG months since my knee surgery and to say I feel 100% would be a lie! Sure I feel better and I look fine, but that FEAR is still inside me. I fear that I will give up. I fear that I will hurt myself again, and I fear that I will get frustrated with NOT being able to move the way I want to.

I have a background in Dance. I love to Dance. And Gosh Darn it I am pretty good at it! If I do say so myself!  With that being said, I am not going to let the bullshit in my head cloud my vision.
I will focus on what I can do and create moves if I have to as I go!!

My week 1 goal: GET YOUR ASS MOVING! Plan Cheats and Limited Drinks even though it is Playoff hockey!
My goal with this challenge: 10 pounds GONE!

Plan and Prep Sunday 

I have learned a HARD lesson. I will Not take exercise for granted. Will I love it.. Probably NOT!
We shall See! Dancing to me is not a "workout" so this is a good place to start with CIZE!

Ok enough about the past! Moving forward!
I have my schedule ready to go and I will set up my DREADED before photo shoot for today.
I have my meal plan set and I will use the 21 Day fix portioned containers and follow the meal plan as it is laid out Eat UP! CIZE guide.

CIZE Plan B Meal Plan
CIZE Plan B Meal Plan 

I plan to hold my post recovery lazy ass accountable here with all of you......
This is just the start... I'll BE BACK!!