Thursday, March 10, 2016

22 Minutes Hard Corps

OK so when you think of Tony Horton what is the first word that pops into your head?

If you would of asked me 5 years ago to say what I was thinking I would've said something like:



I associate Tony Horton with P90X and P90X to me was the HARDEST workout that anyone could ever choose to do.  Push ups, pull ups, and all that weightlifting was NOT my JAM at all!  For some reason I thought that Shaun T and Insanity was a much better idea!  Little did I know that it was probably a HARDER workout than P90X.   So basically at 230 pounds I got SCHOOLED and I also lost 30 lbs in the process and fell in love with Tony and P90X!!

So, let me just tell you this!  Tony Horton and his workouts should NOT intimidate you whatsoever!  TRUTHFULLY I am not just saying that because I am a coach but because I am someone who never ever completed a fitness program in my life, and a fellow skeptic.  I didn't even think home workout programs worked until I started doing P90X.  But I will be completely honest, Tony Horton can create a killer program with really amazing results and he is a GREAT guy and a has a HUGE heart!  He truly cares about YOU and your results.  This program is for ALL ability levels.  


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This workout is not a workout that requires you to have a base level of fitness or have done any other Tony Horton Workouts before.

You can use little or no weights, there are modifiers in EVERY workout and as you get stronger, your stamina builds, you feel more confident, you can increase your weights and up your intensity.  Plus you can do ANYTHING for 22 minutes... right!!!! 

4 1/2 years ago I started working out at home because I just didn't want to pay for the gym membership that I was afraid I wouldn't use {because that was my previous trend}. I needed accountability and I was able to find a whole world of support online in my challenge group. I WAS READY!! I was ready to prove my Dr's wrong and loss weight!  

I 100% believe in the workouts, the nutrition program, the support you get from a coach which is the secret sauce and the entire experience!  I believe that if I didn't have the support from my coach and the group I wouldn't of ever truly had the transformation that I did!  It was my coach that picked me up when the results didn't happen after the first week, it was my coach who introduced me to clean eating, it was my coach who was my sounding board, my voice of reason when I wanted to eat the doors off the pantry and it was the encouragement from the group that made me even more motivated to just CRUSH IT!

Now, it's time for you to do it too!  


22 minutes

6 days a week
8 weeks

BASICALLY very little space needed, minimal weights and a great attitude are key!  

So the question is this:  DO YOU WANT IN!!!!!

22 min hard corps

I have been BLOWN away by the results my "test group" friends are getting with this new workout! 
Meet Liz she is a Beachbody Coach, a Wife and a New Mom!! 

Results from 22 min hard corps

She says:"Guys, 22 Minute Hard Corps is the real deal. I've never gotten results this big this fast, and I've pretty much tried them all!

But I will say that I stuck to the program 100%. No cheat meals, no skipped days, no doubling up workouts for convenience, nothing but what I was told to do. Also nothing extra. What you put in, is what you get out. Period.

There is nothing more powerful for you and your team than to stick to a program (THIS PROGRAM) 100%.

I really feel like me again!"

Here are some more Test Group results!! 
8 weeks to a New YOU!! 
Sign me up! 

Test group results for 22 min hard corps

Better yet! This entire Challenge pack is ON Sale this month for just $10 over the cost of Shakeology!! If you are already a shakeology drinker this might be a great way to get your shake that you love and workout for less!! 

If you haven't tried shakeology this is a great way to get set and ready with all the tools you need to get results! 

22 min hard corps on sale in March

So now is the time!  Join me on March 28th for the start of our plan and prep week with official day 1 of workouts starting on April 4th!  I am going to walk you through the entire workout program, each week's meal plan, recipes, tips, daily motivation, accountability, and support to help you get the very best results possible.
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