Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't Fear the WHAT IF??? EMBRACE IT!!

What if you became a coach? What if you never made a penny but you got healthier, that is, you started drinking Shakeology consistently, and working out with the help of your fellow coaches. What if you started feeling better, being more present in your families lives, having more energy and just feeling ALIVE!
Beachbody Coach

Would it be worth it?

What if you shared Beachbody with a friend who was a diabetic, depressed, on a downward spiral, just praying for someone to reach out and help them, to notice them. They just aren't in a place to get started on their own, they are defeated. YOU are that person, you reach out and play a huge part in changing and saving their life! Would it be worth it?

What if you jumped wholeheartedly into this opportunity and committed to doing whatever it takes. You do the small consistent tasks daily no matter what's going on in your life. Because you not only dream of something better, you know it's out there and you are determined to get it.
You commit to being here 6months/a year from now, you have big dreams & realize this is an amazing outlet to get you there. You do the three vital behaviors relentlessly because you know you're destined for greatness.
What is a beachbody Coach

In a year you're making a six figure income helping people, feeling blessed, humble and thankful. Would it be worth it?
What if you forget about it and say "this coaching thing is not for me", fears, apprehension, pre-conceived notions, whatever the reason- you just don't want to do it. You don't have to. But I challenge you today to think about the things in your life that make you unhappy or miserable.
What are you doing about them?
Five years from now will you be having the same bad day?
Overworked, underpaid, tired and stressed.

What if you did something about it instead? Would it be worth it? 
you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!!!!

Join Now! Beachbody Coaches

Wonder if Beachbody Coaching is a good fit for you? 
You're in the right place. Meet some fun, driven and amazing leaders of Team Evolve. You'll spend Thursday Night the 11th getting a "sneak peek" at coaching with our LIVE Backstage Pass. You'll hear about a day in the life of a coach, we'll even bust some common myths for you (No, you don't need to be a salesperson to be successful!) 

Join us Live, give yourself the best chance at success. Tune in Thursday and open your eyes to an opportunity that can change your health, your finances and your life!

The event will take place right in this event page. All you need to do is show up and be present that night from 9pm EST/6pm PST - 10pm EST/7pm PST. 

February Live Online Event

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