Monday, January 11, 2016

Team Evolve Weekend Celebration!!

This weekend was our quarterly Team Beachbody Event here in Pittsburgh.  January is always our biggest event because it's the kick off to the new year, it's celebrating the success of coaches in the area and it's a time to learn about the new happenings in the organization.

Any coach can attend this event.  You actually do not even need to be a coach to attend.  It does not matter what organization you are a part of you can still attend local events.

The purpose of Super Saturday is to get all the news and announcements out to the network.

Rewards Trip Beachbody

  • The 2017 Success Club Trip is an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  Any coach can earn this trip regardless of rank or months in the business. The requirements are that you sign up for the trip, you earn $5 for every success club point earned and that goes towards your balance of the trip.  If you consistently help 3-5 people each month through challenge groups you can get your trip paid for entirely!!  How incredible is that! You get rewarded for doing your job.  I know for me this was such a motivating factor when I was a new coach. The first success club trip was a trip to Disney.  You get to workout with the celebrity trainers like Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton.  You get to attend parties, family events and activities and connect with like minded people.  Now we have so many other coaches in the organization that we have become friends with so it will be like a big FREE party!  This is truly one of the highlights of the year!
CAFE Shakeology

The second big announcement was that a NEW flavor of Shakeology is being released TODAY Monday January 11th.  Cafe Latte which is like having your coffee and your chocolate shake too!  It has a great smooth flavor and it has a hint of coffee.  It's not too overpowering, it tastes great and I already have my shakeology switched to the cafe latte coming next week!  If you are looking for variety in your Shakeology then I would highly suggest giving it a try.
Carl Daikeler CEO Beachbody

    During this event we also recognized all of the Elite Coaches and the Elite 10 coaches and everyone's success for the entire year.  CEO Carl Daikeler and Celebrity Trainer and Creator of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme and Hammer and Chisel was in the house Autumn Calabrese!
    Autumn Calabrese

    After the training it was workout time and members of my team represented while I recover from this surgery! I love the feeling of a live workout and this one was glow in the dark!! 

    Super Saturday Pittsburgh

    Live Beachbody Workouts

    Saturday we all came together as the TOP TEAM in Beachbody and learned and shared tips for moving our business forward in 2016! 

    Live training

    One thing I have learned over the past 4 years is that I can always be a student! I love that we share what is working and what makes us successful as a team! 
    This is sometimes unheard of in the corporate world and it is what sets beachbody apart from the rest! 

    After the saturday session I took my coaches out to lunch! Many of them are local but some drove in and flew in from all over the US and Canada! 

    Team Lunch

    After Lunch it was a quick 30 min ice pack on the knee and off to get ready for our Event dinner! It was a celebration for all the top coaches on the team at the Duquesne Club for dinner and after in the Lexis Club for cocktails, dessert, karaoke and DANCING!! 

    Event dinner, Diamond and above Coaches

    Super Saturday Pittsburgh

    It's always amazing to me how you attract your tribe!! Usually I am sitting online talking face to face with my coaches, but seeing them on the dance floor..... who knew!! Team Evolve has some MAD Skills on the dance floor!! I created a few new 'crutch' moves myself!! 

    Crutches on the dance floor

    Weekends like this ignite my flame!! It sounds crazy that you can meet and work with some of your very best friends, but it is true to me!! 

    Many of my coaches have found me right here on this blog, facebook, or even instagram! 
    It's crazy to me to even think of a time when they where not apart of my life, and it would be sad to think that if not for this business we would have never met! 

    We work hard, but we play hard too!! 

    Each of the coaches on our team is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.  We focus on setting people up with a fitness program that meets their needs and help each person navigate through the nutrition plan and the program to get the results that they want.  The most awesome part is that we do this VIRTUALLY.  We are in the comfort of our own homes, our phones, our laptops or at the local coffee shop.  But the cool part is that you make your own hours, you decide how hard you are going to work, how successful you will be based on the amount of work that you do!  It's so amazing to see other people, not just myself have success.  The system I have created is duplicatable and each coach takes the system and then tweaks and molds it into what works for their style!!  So together we are a rock star team!!!  

    If you have ever thought of becoming a Beachbody Coach or building your own health and fitness business, now is the time!!!  You can't go wrong with coaching!!!  Complete the application below to be apart of the #1 team in the entire Network.... Team Evolve!!!

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