Monday, January 18, 2016

Meal Plan 21 Day Fix Week three!!

My 21 day fix‬ Meal Plan Is Set for the Week!! 
Week 3 here I come!! Since I can't workout at all I am just following the meal plan!
 I am happy to report I am down 8 pounds in 14 days!! 
smile emoti
I have been really focused on what goes into my mouth and even had a few
cheats last weekend with our event!
Setting up for week 3!! My goal for the month was 5 pounds.... 
I crushed that so I am going for 10!! 

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

These are some things that help me.
1. cut up and put veggies in individual baggies
2. ALWAYS have a baggie of nuts and a protein bar in my purse
3. Prep 3-5 days of lunches at time. (think chicken salad, tuna salad ect.)
4. TUPPERWARE is NOT JUST FOR LEFTOVERS!! use is to prep and plan your meals in advance!!
5. WRITE IT OUT. Get a blank calendar and write out what your are going to eat...then cross it off when you eat it. This helps me not skip meals and from just eating "whatever"

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