Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Want to see me all fired up? Talk diet to me!

February is all about Valentine's Day and Love, so why not do more to love YOU by working on your health? Give me 21 days to help you create and maintain healthy eating and fitness habits that will last a lifetime! 


If you eat what you've always eaten, you'll weigh what you always weighed. You can't lose weight, or tone up your body sitting around wishing for it.
🔆You need accountability
🔆You need the right tools
🔆You need to be willing to invest In yourself.

You don't have to go at it alone, I am setting up and creating a RE-DO You accountability group for February 1st! 

Sara Stakeley, No limits

You have the power to change. 
You don't have to do it alone. 
I can help! 

I am setting up free consultations to get you to your goals. 
Message me for details or apply below:

Fearless February, accountability, support, Beachbody Challenge group

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Now Accepting NEW COACH Applications!

Now accepting New Coach Applications

I just launched a SERIOUSLY KICK BUTT new training series.
I'm talking-- BRILLIANT.
If you have been 'thinking' of joining my team, NOW is the time
Yes ---YOU.
Do you have the IT factor?
Are you a LEADER with infectious energy?
I'm looking for 5 LEADERS who are passionate about helping others!
These 5 will work with me on a daily basis and learn the ropes on how to create a successful beachbody coaching business!
Starting February 1st you will get 100% THE BEST TRAINING to grow a SOLID FOUNDATION for your business.
I'm looking for those who are serious about eventually making this their full time job and using these next 4 weeks to learn how to develop a 6 figure business just like I am building right now.
If you would like to:
- Actively get in the best shape of your life.
- Be surrounded by some of the most incredible people you have ever met!
- Help your friends and family get healthy
- Have the opportunity to work for YOURSELF and grow your income.
- Be trained personally by someone who has already successfully done so...
If you are:
- Want to Work on yourself while working with others
- Want to earn free beach vacation to Punta Cana
Then Fill out this application Below or message me for details!! 

*you cannot already be a coach*

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Meal Plan 21 Day Fix Week three!!

My 21 day fix‬ Meal Plan Is Set for the Week!! 
Week 3 here I come!! Since I can't workout at all I am just following the meal plan!
 I am happy to report I am down 8 pounds in 14 days!! 
smile emoti
I have been really focused on what goes into my mouth and even had a few
cheats last weekend with our event!
Setting up for week 3!! My goal for the month was 5 pounds.... 
I crushed that so I am going for 10!! 

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

These are some things that help me.
1. cut up and put veggies in individual baggies
2. ALWAYS have a baggie of nuts and a protein bar in my purse
3. Prep 3-5 days of lunches at time. (think chicken salad, tuna salad ect.)
4. TUPPERWARE is NOT JUST FOR LEFTOVERS!! use is to prep and plan your meals in advance!!
5. WRITE IT OUT. Get a blank calendar and write out what your are going to eat...then cross it off when you eat it. This helps me not skip meals and from just eating "whatever"

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Turn Helping Others into your Business!!

I'm working on my best year yet and I want to help you create it for yourself as well!
If you love health, fitness, travel and are in pursuit of a career that allows freedom financially and personally keep reading!! 
Beachbody Coach Success

I want to share with you all the details as to what it is that I do daily. Learn first hand how I built a thriving business part time from my smart phone while working till I could work more from home!

Who knows maybe you'll find your calling like I have!

Small class sizes matter!!
We will have fun with our learning, yet it is structured for you to get the most value out of your time!
I have the time to be there to answer your questions and give you the support you need to hit the ground running!
🔆1:1 support
🔆Top Team Training
🔆Weekly face to face calls online

I never would have imagined P90X would lead to a business opportunity. As far as I was concerned, it was just some infomercial workout. 
Sara Stakeley Transformation with P90X

At the time, I was working as a full time 65+ hours a week at a spa...immersed in work with still no wiggle room in my income...preparing for the INSANE holiday season...

Despite the fact that I worked crazy erratic hours, I was tethered to my job (Both financially and emotionally).  I was living paycheck to paycheck - the thought of trying to find a new job was terrifying. I didn't want to jeopardize what I had. 

And even though I was unfulfilled, stressed out and felt completely unappreciated...I was petrified to leave because I felt very stuck with the location and the clients I had made. 

I felt STUCK. Stuck in a dead end job. Stuck in my unhealthy habits. And stuck spending my time around joy suckers.


I was told by my Doctors that I would just have to get "used" to being obese!! I was diagnosed very young with PCOS and the medication and the way my body was reacting to the food I was eating was killing me. I had side effects from the pills with mood and high blood pressure. I sat in my car after that appointment and looked at myself in the mirror of my car. I said "You will NOT let that Bitch tell you what you can't do." I don't know how BUT I vow to prove her WRONG!! 

So desperate for a change, I started doing P90X & drinking Shakeology in weekly increments!! I would purchase 7 packets at a time because I couldn't afford the monthly shipment. I noticed a BIG change right away! The online accountability was helpful, I felt better, I had more energy!! I was sleeping better and my moods went from terrible to feeling like myself again. 

Turn helping others into an income

As I started to see results and build my confidence, I wanted to pay it forward. I learned that I could actually help people and do this FOR A LIVING. By sharing my results, it gave me the accountability I needed to keep going! I signed as a Coach for the discount on shakeology, but in secret I knew it would hold me accountable to my goals as well! 

I learned that I could have an incredible IMPACT by helping others get HEALTHY by simply sharing my experience and newfound knowledge. I loved that!! I was so unhealthy for years and here I was helping others!! 

As I started to grow a team of people that had also seen results and wanted to help others, I learned I could help them become success entrepreneurs -- that translates to no more stress about finances, no more stress about work and FREEDOM. I was able to leave my Full time position at the Spa to team up and run the spa side of salon on my terms. 

Since I started as coach, everything about my life has changed. I am no longer a slave to insane schedules. I have complete freedom- I get to make my own schedule and work when/where I want. 

Financial Freedom

We live a debt free life!! I have paid off credit cards, Car payments and student loans!! We have been able to focus on eliminating our mortgage and I am projected to be debt free at 37!!! 

I get to teach people how to change their lifestyle and become healthy for the long term. 

I share my struggle with PCOS to inspire and give others hope
And I help others start to DREAM again.

Without a doubt, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm fiercely passionate about sharing.

I will TEACH you how to build a SUCCESSFUL business!

I’m starting an online NEW COACH MENTORSHIP training! I will mentor you on a daily basis and give one-on-one encouragement as you learn the ropes. 

Coach Training

I'm looking to help those who want to HELP others, & who want to start their own journey towards their dreams.

If you are reading this and you feel that tug in your gut to reach out ….  fill out that form! As a team will will be hosting a Sneak Peek Live Event this Tuesday the 19th!! It is a great way to hear from myself and members of Team Evolve!! 

Coach sneak Peek

Questions Like: 

What does it cost to join? 
Do I have to be a salesperson.....NOPE!! 
What if I am not at my goal weight? 
How much time does it take to be successful? 
What does a Beachbody Coach do Daily? 

We will be ONLINE LIVE to answer your questions in this Private Event! 

9:00 PM EST January 19th, 2016!! 
Can't make it LIVE? No worries! Add yourself to the group and to check it out when you can and I will contact you personally with your questions! Click Here to JOIN!! 

You aren’t committing to anything by filling it out - but let’s chat about it!! Or be that awesome friend who PAYS IT FORWARD to someone else who NEEDS something like this in their life!

Fill out the application below: 

Email me:

★If you are already working with a coach - please reach out to them for help!


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

21 day fix approved Philly Cheese Steak!!

Who doesn't love CHEESE Steak?!!? This recipe hit the spot and made me feel like I was being BAD it was so good! 
Husband approved and happy even without a bun! 

  1. 2 large green bell peppers
  2. 2 T olive oil
  3. 3 cloves garlic, minced
  4. 4 oz mushrooms, sliced
  5. 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
  6. 1/4 tsp black pepper
  7. 1/4 tsp sea salt
  8. 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  9. 1lb flank steak or flat iron steak, thinly sliced
  10. 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  11. 4 slices Provolone cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and spray an 8x8 baking dish with olive oil, set aside
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil.
  3. Slice green peppers in half, remove seeds and ribs and place them int he boiling water for 3-5 minutes until they are tender. Remove peppers from the water (be careful!!) Place cut side down on a towel and let water drain.
  4. In a 12" skillet, heat olive oil on medium. Add garlic, onion, mushrooms, red bell pepper, sea salt & pepper. Saute 4-5 minutes until onions are translucent.
  5. Add steak slices and Worcestershire sauce and cook until meat is cooked to your liking
  6. Place green peppers open side up in your baking dish. Fill each pepper with meat mixture until they are overflowing. Top with slice of cheese.
  7. Bake in oven for 10 minutes until cheese is golden brown. Serve hot!
  8. I topped mine with some leftover sauteed onions
  1. Cut the cheese slice in half and line the bottom of the pepper with half, fill with meat mixture and then top with the other half.
  2. If you are needing to get another starch, serve with some brown rice OR add some brown rice to your pepper!
21 Day Fix
  1. 1 stuffed pepper  | 2 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 tsp
For more recipes check out my 21 day fix recipe tab!! CLICK HERE 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Team Evolve Weekend Celebration!!

This weekend was our quarterly Team Beachbody Event here in Pittsburgh.  January is always our biggest event because it's the kick off to the new year, it's celebrating the success of coaches in the area and it's a time to learn about the new happenings in the organization.

Any coach can attend this event.  You actually do not even need to be a coach to attend.  It does not matter what organization you are a part of you can still attend local events.

The purpose of Super Saturday is to get all the news and announcements out to the network.

Rewards Trip Beachbody

  • The 2017 Success Club Trip is an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  Any coach can earn this trip regardless of rank or months in the business. The requirements are that you sign up for the trip, you earn $5 for every success club point earned and that goes towards your balance of the trip.  If you consistently help 3-5 people each month through challenge groups you can get your trip paid for entirely!!  How incredible is that! You get rewarded for doing your job.  I know for me this was such a motivating factor when I was a new coach. The first success club trip was a trip to Disney.  You get to workout with the celebrity trainers like Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton.  You get to attend parties, family events and activities and connect with like minded people.  Now we have so many other coaches in the organization that we have become friends with so it will be like a big FREE party!  This is truly one of the highlights of the year!
CAFE Shakeology

The second big announcement was that a NEW flavor of Shakeology is being released TODAY Monday January 11th.  Cafe Latte which is like having your coffee and your chocolate shake too!  It has a great smooth flavor and it has a hint of coffee.  It's not too overpowering, it tastes great and I already have my shakeology switched to the cafe latte coming next week!  If you are looking for variety in your Shakeology then I would highly suggest giving it a try.
Carl Daikeler CEO Beachbody

    During this event we also recognized all of the Elite Coaches and the Elite 10 coaches and everyone's success for the entire year.  CEO Carl Daikeler and Celebrity Trainer and Creator of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme and Hammer and Chisel was in the house Autumn Calabrese!
    Autumn Calabrese

    After the training it was workout time and members of my team represented while I recover from this surgery! I love the feeling of a live workout and this one was glow in the dark!! 

    Super Saturday Pittsburgh

    Live Beachbody Workouts

    Saturday we all came together as the TOP TEAM in Beachbody and learned and shared tips for moving our business forward in 2016! 

    Live training

    One thing I have learned over the past 4 years is that I can always be a student! I love that we share what is working and what makes us successful as a team! 
    This is sometimes unheard of in the corporate world and it is what sets beachbody apart from the rest! 

    After the saturday session I took my coaches out to lunch! Many of them are local but some drove in and flew in from all over the US and Canada! 

    Team Lunch

    After Lunch it was a quick 30 min ice pack on the knee and off to get ready for our Event dinner! It was a celebration for all the top coaches on the team at the Duquesne Club for dinner and after in the Lexis Club for cocktails, dessert, karaoke and DANCING!! 

    Event dinner, Diamond and above Coaches

    Super Saturday Pittsburgh

    It's always amazing to me how you attract your tribe!! Usually I am sitting online talking face to face with my coaches, but seeing them on the dance floor..... who knew!! Team Evolve has some MAD Skills on the dance floor!! I created a few new 'crutch' moves myself!! 

    Crutches on the dance floor

    Weekends like this ignite my flame!! It sounds crazy that you can meet and work with some of your very best friends, but it is true to me!! 

    Many of my coaches have found me right here on this blog, facebook, or even instagram! 
    It's crazy to me to even think of a time when they where not apart of my life, and it would be sad to think that if not for this business we would have never met! 

    We work hard, but we play hard too!! 

    Each of the coaches on our team is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.  We focus on setting people up with a fitness program that meets their needs and help each person navigate through the nutrition plan and the program to get the results that they want.  The most awesome part is that we do this VIRTUALLY.  We are in the comfort of our own homes, our phones, our laptops or at the local coffee shop.  But the cool part is that you make your own hours, you decide how hard you are going to work, how successful you will be based on the amount of work that you do!  It's so amazing to see other people, not just myself have success.  The system I have created is duplicatable and each coach takes the system and then tweaks and molds it into what works for their style!!  So together we are a rock star team!!!  

    If you have ever thought of becoming a Beachbody Coach or building your own health and fitness business, now is the time!!!  You can't go wrong with coaching!!!  Complete the application below to be apart of the #1 team in the entire Network.... Team Evolve!!!

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    Wednesday, January 6, 2016

    Do you have Lifters in your life as Friends?

    Do your friends lift you higher? Do they make you want to be better? Learn more? Be kinder and do right by others? Do your friends see your potential and encourage you to be your best and help others?

    As the sun came up on our last day in Florida I have to say I feel that everything is exactly where I want it to be. Most of my closest friends have come from my career with Beachbody! It is one of the biggest blessings in this business to be surrounded by motivating, like minded people! Many of them I would have never met if it wasn't for this opportunity!
    I had lost my belief in having "Girl friends" I often found that they where judgmental, or only good to me when they needed me, but when I needed someone they wouldn't be around! It was a tough pill to swallow but I knew I needed to work my way away from them to allow space for others in my life!

    Sara Stakeley

    I am proud to say I have so many friends who are "lifters". I've kind of distanced myself from the Debbie Downers and life suckers. I still love them. I just can't give them as much of my energy. It's hard to love people more than they love themselves.

    Think about the friends to whom you give your energy. I say "energy" because sometimes we give our energy to those who we aren't even spending time with physically, but loads of time is spent on them "mentally". Your mental time is just as important as your physical time.

    Friends who lift us are good listener and help us gain important perspectives.

    Friends who lift will ask you to think through big decisions and consider all the variables.

    Friends who lift suggest the best books, a new workout, a seminar and things that enrich your life.

    Surround yourself with those who make you better
    Surround Yourself with those who make you happy. 

    Friends who suck the life out of us ask us for our advice but never take it. One sided friendships are those with people who expect you to be there even when they are not.

    Friends that lift can will say, "I'm sorry...I messed up. You were right. I was wrong." Friends who lift want the best for you at all cost even when their honesty might result in a fight or temporary tension. Friends who lift will not tolerate behavior or thinking that is less than you deserve.

    Friends that lift don't need constant reassurance because they have the quiet confidence of your bond and never question your intentions.
    Ironically, friends that lift require the least amount of maintenance. They just get you!

    Research shows that the quality of our friendships is one of the most important factors in determining our happiness, success and overall mental health.

    Invest in friendships that lift you and spend less time and energy on those that don’t.

    Think of your positive energy friends as the key to your best decisions and the president of your fan club.

    They make your life richer!

    And let's be frank...even the best of friends can argue and disagree, but friends who lift always come from a place of your best interest. Real friends are there for each other and just like a marriage... the tough times make you better!

    So who will you give your energy to? 
    Who do you need to spend less time on?

    It’s less about breaking up with those that drain and more about consciously decided to spend less energy on them. It's about spending energy with those people who inspire you to be better!

    Monday, January 4, 2016

    Resolution: Mission Plan: Accountability: Results

    The NEW YEAR is HERE!!! You've set your goals and this is the year that you will meet your health and fitness goals. This is the year you resolve to never diet again. 2016 you mean business.

    accountability, new year

    This week has more pressure on it that any other week of the year. Everyone loves to start their fitness goals on a Monday and then before the end of the week they have sabotaged their vision and fallen off the wagon only to try it again on another Monday. 

    This week has the added pressure of being the first week of New Year's resolutions. It is your responsibility to find it within yourself to stay on track not for a week, not for a month or even a year...but once and for all FOR LIFE! 

    Believe!!! Walk, talk, breathe, sleep and eat those fitness goals and find a buddy to help you stay on course! Make this year the one that sticks!

    fit friends

    When you realize you said last year...and the year before that. So why is this year different? You set out with the best of intentions. You go to they gym. Maybe you even hire a pricey personal trainer. So why is it that The New Year's Resolution can be so hard to stick to?

    I've found that accountability makes all the difference. Let's face it, the gym can be expensive. And if you live in Pittsburgh, or any other cold climate area, are you really going to want to scrape ice off the car at 5 in the morning to go walk on the treadmill. Really?

    What's going to push you?  What's really going to get you motivated when it's a lot easier to hit snooze? What will push you past the excuses to get the real results?  When the excuses pile up what's going to keep you going? 

    Truthfully, there's something to be said about just going for it! 
    And there's something to be said about, just going for it and creating that MINDSET!! 
    (Read here!)

    Here is How I Suggest Starting the New Year with more than a Resolution.  

    Let's Talk Real Results! 
    Clean Eating guidence

    1. Nutrition 
    The missing piece? Did you know that nutrition is 80% of your weight loss results. I talk about it all the time because it was always the missing piece for me. I would cardio myself to death but never eat right so I was always frustrated with my results. The type of food you are eating is more important than the amount of calories you are consuming. It really is just a matter of fueling your body with nutrient dense foods- eating clean. Voila' the missing piece! So my job is going to be to teach you how to not diet, but how to create a healthy lifestyle with whole nutritious foods that you don't have to search all over creation for.

    2. That Shake Thing
    Speaking of nutrition: Shakeology. It's not a weight loss shake but instead it's a total meal replacement shake. It's not a protein shake it's a well balanced meal that is equivalent to 5 salads in one glass. It has been the one thing that keeps me full, tastes really good and has saved me from the drive in quick meal. What was once a run thru the drive thru is now a shaker cup and a scoop of Shakeology! 

    I feel better, I look better and honestly it's worth every single penny! It keeps me healthy and it's at least one meal a day that I do not have to think about. The superfoods provide my daily dose of nutrition, has kept me off prescriptions for 4 years, keep my skin glowing, boost my energy levels and help me fight those pesky sugar cravings!

    3. Accountability 
    This is where you will have 24/7 access to me as your coach. Everyone starts their workouts on the same day, checks into the group daily and gets my support and guidance. Every day you log into the group and their is either a tip, recipe, motivation or information from me! I will teach you how to handle everything from creating a meal plan, giving you recipes that your kids and husband will eat, to emotional eating, handling temptations, traveling, eating out, cravings and more! You will get the entire whole body lifestyle transformation! All you have to do is commit to the program and finish it!
    You are responsible to check in each day and rate your day and post how you did. 

    What are Beachbody Challenge Groups
    Get with the Program!
    Ok so you know that I love following a fitness program instead of playing the dreaded guessing game!  My job is to help you find a program that fits your needs! We have a large catalog of options ranging in level and interest.  Each program is designed by certified trainers so you get the maximum results all from the comfort of home!

    Wanna know about the program that's helping me to continue to get results?  Check it out here!

    Ready For Results?  So does this sound like something you would like to do? Are you ready to make a lasting change that isn't a quick fix or crash diet? Are you ready to truly change your life and your body at the same time? If so then fill out the application below to be considered for my New Year New You Challenge Group starting on January 11th 2016. Don't delay the last day to register is January 11th, 2016!!!!