Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Bringin' Up The Rear" December Challenge Group! End This Year with a Bang!

Sometimes we all just need that little “boost” or accountability to fire things back up, right? Well, that’s what I need, as I prepare for all my upcoming holiday parties! I want to shed those extra pounds from Thanksgiving and keep myself in check during the holiday season.

Holiday Challenge,"Bringin' Up The Rear" December Challenge Group, Sara Stakeley

For you, maybe it’s time to do some Spring-cleaning in the ol’ diet, create a new nutrition habit or just hit the RESET button.

Regardless of why you decide to join the program, have faith knowing you are doing something GREAT for yourself. And you know what, share it with other people! I’ve got many of my friends, family, customers and partners doing it with me, because there are power in numbers. I know I won’t fail if I have encouragement.

As a participant AND my customer in the "Bringin' Up The Rear" December Challenge Group I will assure your success in feeling better about your nutrition selections and helping you establish realistic expectations and a strategy to get there (success will only come with YOUR commitment to change bad habits). I will also share with you how and what I eat to keep my energy up and sustain my weight through tools available as a Team Beachbody community member (free member and club member).

It’s not rocket science or a deprivation of foods and taste, but more of learning to make smart choices, with which, in my opinion, really clicked as I had Shakeology as my staple in my diet.

Who’s with me??
Have questions or need help ordering up? Send me an email and I’m there for or apply here Online Now! 

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