Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Haters gonna Hate!! 'TIS the season for temptation' Holiday Survival Group!!

Sorry... Yes I know a little T Swift is now stuck in your head!! Mine too! 
But I will tell you that she hit the nail on the head when she created this song. 
Holiday support with eating and meal ideas
Haters Gonna Hate!! 

So this inspired me to share with you what I hate... 
Dare I say it!! 
Are you the same?? 

I Sara Stakeley the Beachbody Coach HATE working out!! 

I don't like to sweat, wash my hair everyday and lord knows I don't want to install a handicapped toilet for after a leg day!! 

I will eat Clean ALL Day if it means I don't have to press play!! 
I think that is why healthy eating has become my niche' as a coach. Many people love working out but workout to eat or cheat! 

Now don't get me wrong.. I workout because I know that it is important for my long term health but since I can't workout right now it is crazy to me how bad I want too!! 

This leads me to why I am typing today!! 
You don't know what you have till you lose it!! Temporarily in my case, but what I can focus on is what is going in my mouth and I will be a better coach after my surgery!! 

So I have been diving into eating habits, healthy meals, easy meals, and everything food related! 

I am currently in my 4th week of my 1 month of PT before I meet with the surgeon this friday and we set up or he ships me back to PT work. I have to strengthen the muscles around the knee before they take a piece of my tendon to fix my torn ACL and repair the torn meniscus!! 
Happy New Knee to ME!! 

So if you HATE working out or just Hate the situation you are in right now because you can't.. 
we need to chat! I have been hitting the basics and learning what food does in your body, how it is stored, what you get from what you eat and how food can heal! 

As someone with a bum knee and PCOS my health is important to me. 
I don't want to be put back on prescriptions that controlled my every day with crazy side effects and hormones out of control! 

The holidays are coming... just like every year they do!! I like to look at them as a cheat day, I don't wait till they are over to make an effort! I eat what I love like Mom's stuffing or pumpkin pie!! I watch my portions because I don't want to feel like the stuffed turkey, but I have found that I just need a little bit and I am good!! If I say No you're not allowed that.. I tend to eat everything in sight!! 
I don't like the word No about as much as I don't like working out!! 

LOL!! You can have your wine too!! #Saveayellow! 

So where is this going..... 
I have decided to create a happy place and seek out others like me!! 
I think it will be great company!! 

I have set up a 10 day focused accountability group for people who want to just focus on what they are eating each day. Maybe learn a few tips and trick! A healthy holiday meal that they can WOW their company with and secretly laugh when they talk about NEVER eating "diet" food! 

AKA Hatters!! LOL! We all have a family member or two like this!! 

So if you want to KICK some Holiday butt and shed some craving, gain some ho ho energy and just kick some holiday ass!! It's 10 days and will end the week with a December Kick off Refresh!
Lose up to 10 pounds by the first week of December and keep it off with my ongoing support! 

My support is free as my customer and you will be required to replace a meal a day with a nutrient dense shake!! No this is not a slim fast, or protein shake! 
Remember how I said we would KICK Cravings and provide you with natural energy??!! 
Well Shakeology will be your secret santa weapon!! 
At $4 a day you will have a easy, travel ready, on the ho ho go meal!! 
If you drink ANYTHING in your day other than water you can afford this!! Heck a coffee is $6 and a Coke is $2.50!! When was the last time they provided you with 70 superfoods?? 

Seriously.. Shakeology has saved my health and even now as I can't move it saves my joints from pain, my hormone levels, and I haven't gone a day without it in over 4 years!! 

I believe in it and I will make it my mission for you to see the same value in it as your investment to your health this holiday season. 
Best part is if you order the set together you save!! 
You save $50!! 

Want to add a workout in SURE!! I can go over with you ways to incorporate movement that fits your lifestyle be it activity level and time you have to fit it in!!

Join our Healthy Holiday Challenge group – starting November 23! 

The holiday season shouldn’t be about deprivation or dieting. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and to enjoy the festivities. The challenge is to do it without gaining weight and losing sight of your goals! 

To stay on track most of us need inspiration and accountability DAILY. That’s why I’m hosting the fourth annual Healthy Holiday Challenge Group.  It’s a Holiday Survival Guide, of sorts, and we will party in a private Facebook group. It’s a way to enjoy the holiday season while still maintaining your sanity. You’ll learn to enjoy treats in moderation, squeeze exercise in your busy day if not a hatter, and how to eat nutritiously most of the time.
It’s gonna be epic. Message me for Details here: SStakeley@hotmail.com, Want support online? Click above to connect with me, or add me as a friend and shot me a message on facebook!!

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