Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving leftover surprise!

AHH! Leftovers!! I wanted to add this here as a KEEPER!! It was really good and I didn't use the typical creamed soup can so I was able to keep it clean! 
Hubby went for seconds so I take that as a WIN since this man despises leftovers!! 

After Turkey day casserole

1 cup brown rice cooked
1 cups chicken stock (low sodium)
1 cup chicken or turkey cubed
1 cup ham cubed
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 ½ cups of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 1½ cups of cooked broccoli
salt/pepper to taste
I also added leftover sauté mushrooms, onions, a little bit of and turkey bacon crumbles from breakfast!!

Preparation: Mix together turkey and ham, cooked rice, Greek yogurt, stock and anything else you might have, and salt/pepper.
Place in 13×9 pan and add broccoli on top. Gently press broccoli into rice mixture. Top with cheese.
Bake uncovered at 350° for 20-25 minutes!

EASY!! Enjoy!! 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

What To Do After a Holiday or Binge Weekend!

It’s Sunday and thanksgiving was thursday, you were out, you indulge in something you might not otherwise have eaten and then before you know it, you’re on an all-out binge-fest. Who hasn’t had this happen to them every once in awhile? 

Let’s face it, it happens. Unfortunately, so does the guilt that comes with it afterwards. Instead of crawling up in a corner and crying “why did I do it?”, here are some simple damage-control steps you can take to counteract that binge:
Plan for the day: So your breakfast meeting or family brunch involved a lot more muffins and croissants than it did oatmeal and eggs. That’s okay. The good news is that you have the rest of the day to eat better. Lunch and dinner should be a healthy protein with a big serving of vegetables and lighter on the carbs and starches. You may even find that you are less hungry during the day after eating that bigger-than-usual morning meal.
Chicken Salad

Make your last meal the healthiest: It’s dinner time and you just realized that you never had breakfast or lunch but grazed on countless handfuls of nuts and fruit. Maybe you managed to eat a muffin on your way out of the house and shoved down half a protein bar that was sitting in your car. Needless to say, you never actually sat down and ate a nutritious meal. Well, now is your chance to make up for all of that. Since you most likely ate way more carbs and fat than you realize, focus on eating protein like fish, chicken or turkey with some steamed vegetables to even out your carb and fat overload from the day. Try  Pecan Crusted Salmon or a Strawberry Chicken Salad. Plus, there’s nothing like turning in for the night knowing you ate something that is good for you. 
Hello, guiltless sleep!
 salmon with side spinach salad

Drink: You can’t necessarily undo what you’ve done, but you can minimize the situation by drinking a lot of water after a binge. This is the best way to help your body metabolize and digest what you ate and flush it out of your system – quickly! Try our 3 Day Refresh to get you back on track!

Get Moving: Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind after stuffing your face with food, but you don’t have to throw in your latest high-intensity DVD and get your sweat on. Take a brisk walk, a steady bike ride, or something that gets you off the couch and away from the food. The psychological effect it will have on you is as important as the physical one.
Get Moving

Curb your morning carbs: If you binged the night or day before, try eliminating your carbs at breakfast. This gives your body some time to use up what it has stored rather than overloading your system with more. Stick with eggs, vegetables and healthy fats, like avocado, and skip the cereal, bagel and fruit.
avocado egg scramble
 avocado egg scramble

Don’t Give In: Too often, women binge and then continue a pattern of binge eating. This is how good habits turn into bad ones leading to weight gain, depression, guilt and sadness. Just because you had one bad night or day doesn’t mean you should throw your hands in the air and completely give up. Each day is a chance to start anew. One bad day doesn’t have to turn into weeks or months of bad days. Keep reminding yourself how badly you felt physically and emotionally after that binge. In all likelihood, you won’t want to go back there any time soon.
Binges happen, but they don’t have to become habit. Use these quick fixes so that a food binge doesn’t derail your healthy lifestyle. Of course, when you consistently eat right and exercise, a small indulgence here and there is not going to ruin everything for you so don’t feel bad if you want a piece of cake for your birthday or on a date with your significant other. But when you feel like it’s getting out of control, stop and listen to what your body is telling you and think about how you will feel after eating all that food. And if that doesn’t work, these six steps should definitely help control some of the damage.

Post Credit: SKINNYMOM

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Mindset and Mission Statement.

Well it's officially day 9 post surgery.. I had a complete ACL repair and they shaved a little of my knee bone that had shredded due to bone on bone rub. <<< Yeah not nice!! 

Day 3 was the worst!! Crying, shaking and in terrible pain, but each day has gotten better and now it is nice that I don't have to be strapped to my leg movement machine 22 hours a day. I am now at 8 hours!!

I am thankful for all the help I received with meals and care from friends and family. Crutches make it tricky to carry anything and my standing time is at about 10 min max.

As I heal I also want to set up my mindset, Sara 2.0 coming!!
It's funny how when you CAN'T Do anything it makes you thankful for everything!!

As I sit here this morning I am seeking out and "setting" up for my game plan. No more why me and whoa is me. This year has been tough, this year has been challenging.
This year HAS to end on a High Note!! I am open and ready to it!

The Word FEARLESS comes to mind and I keep hearing it over and over in my thoughts.
I owe to myself to think differently.

I am changing directions.
I will not resist change.
I do not fear change.

I am ready to DO what It takes to change the current quality of my life and life is on my side.
Will it be easy NO, Will I make mistakes YES!!!

Most people spend their life NOT wanting to deal with the pain of: 
Being Criticized
Not being Liked

That is called LIFE. Life is full of pain and there is no gain without pain!! It's called regret.
"If I had my life to live over again"...... I would ___________.
I don't want the pain of regret.

Are you governed by your habits and fears of what others think?
Have you been convinced in your life by people that you value that you can't do it?

Do you live in the context of the opinions of what other people have of you? 
In return you lower your expectations and doubt yourself.

What would your life be like if you decided to NOT care what people thought of you?
What would your life be like if you decided to give up some of your fears?
What would your life be like if you decided to become courageous?
What would your life be like if you decided to act on your dream?

Do what is in your heart, courage comes from the french word that means OF THE HEART.

You are not a label you are YOU! 

I need to find the courage to change.
I need to find the courage to be who I want to be.
Courage is WHAT at this moment feels right for you.
What feels right in your heart?
Experience that fear and move forward.

Don't allow your dreams to die.
I will not take mine to my grave.
Look toward the future and Manifest your greatness it's going to take EVERYTHING in you, but your life deserves the concentrated effort.

Where can I express more of me?
How can I bring my ideas out here now?

Start living with a sense of urgency...
You're here today!!
Life is unpredictable, uncertain and there are no guarantees!

Are you Holding Back?
What are you waiting on?
What is the benefit of waiting?
What is the benefit of not living your dream?
What is the benefit of not listening to yourself?

Listen to the feelings in your heart.
You can trust them.

As you look toward the future look at life on a daily basis, If there is something you have been given, you know that what you have been given now is something you don't want to do.
If there is something you want to do.
Don't allow that inner doubt in you to talk you out of it.
Ignore that inner voice that tells you, YOU are not good enough.
Don't judge the possibilities you can do based on the circumstances.

Where you life is right now is NOT YOU that is just where you are right now, it is unlimited as to what you can do. Mistakes are just investments what you learned in life.
Investments as to what is possible for you. Not losses!

Once you start listening to yourself and as you begin to act on your dream.
Doing what you can with what you have.
You will see things start opening up for you.

You will being to FOCUS on what you want to do and it will expand and out of that will come your greatness that you haven't even seen that you have yet. Out of that comes a special power that you have in you that you haven't even called on yet.

The powers that we have will NEVER reveal themselves if we don't challenge them.
If we don't put ourselves in a position where we have to use them.

Put yourself in a position where you can't retreat, where it is do or die!!


I bet you develop incredible swimming skills!!

Through the inspiration of desperation you will become more creative than EVER BEFORE!!
Throw your whole self into it.

Have you Done ALL YOU CAN DO?
If you are honest with yourself ask yourself that question?

From this day Forward as I look at my professional relationships, my family relationships, as I look at all the dimensions of my life mentally, emotionally and spiritually I am going to do ALL that I can do to develop me. To share my talents and make a contribution to LIFE.

That is my goal as I head into 2016, I want to develope myself to be the best version of me and invite others along for the ride.

~ Sara Stakeley

Monday, November 23, 2015

Post Surgery IBS, Constipation, and how Shakeology Could Help

I had my surgery last Thursday on my knee and went home with a bag full of meds!! Normally I have no issues with the "GO" and light and fluffy is the way to be, but I also know that if you are on pain medication and have limited movement that you have to be careful not to put a wrench in the mix!! I drink shakeology daily and even add in the fiber boost to get in the recommended 20 mg a day as women. This is the healthiest and easiest meal of my day.
Day after surgery. Swollen and on this machine 22 hours a day. 
Well it had been 2 days since I had a bowel movement yesterday and I didn't want to wait too long to go so I added in a little prune juice to my cup and drank it down... Well last night the go was not so easy as it always has been and it got me thinking!!
 If I had to deal with this all the time I would go nuts!! POOP shouldn't be hard and/or dry and hard to pass! It should just slide out into the kiddie pool!! LOL! 
Poop is not the most pleasant subject to discuss but it is so important and I pride myself on being truthful! 
When cramps, bloating, abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea and constipation wreak havoc with your lifestyle, it’s definitely time to do something about it. Going to your doctor and getting a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) isn’t the end of the world. Most of the time, you will be advised to alter your diet and take medications to manage the symptoms.
But, that’s not really fixing the problem. It’s just learning to live with and masking the symptoms.IBS
What if I told you that you might find relief by drinking a simple nutrient dense shake daily? That would be crazy, right? After your doctor has told you that you will have to drastically change the way you eat, de-stress your life and take daily medications, how is it possible that one daily shake might provide relief?
Yes, you’ve probably heard this term several times before. You may even be eating yogurt to incorporate probiotics into your diet right now. Probiotics create healthy bacteria that will aid the digestion and elimination processes.
But, the problem with many probiotics is that they are wasted. They are destroyed by stomach acid before they even get to your intestines, where the problems arise. They can’t bypass your stomach, unless they are encapsulated, which most are not.
There is one strain of probiotics that can do some good. Bacillus Coagulans is the only strain that can pass all the way through the digestive process, survive your stomach acids and reach your intestines where they can be effective.
Coincidentally, Shakeology contains Bacillus Coagulans! (Those scientists really knew what they were doing when they formulated this stuff!) In addition to all of the other wonderful ingredients that make up Shakeology, this probiotic is included and may help to rectify problems associated with IBS and other digestion issues.
While none of the benefits of Shakeology are guaranteed to work on everyone, there are many users who have experienced extremely positive results by drinking a daily shake.
Lindsey, for example, says that: “I used to take Zantac 150s like they were candy! I had major issues with (shhhh!) constipation my whole life. I have been on Shakeology for a year now, and I’ll NEVER stop drinking it! It’s better than any supplement on the market.”
Lindsay, with an “a”, says that: “Since I was a child, I’ve had terrible issues. As a kid, I would cramp and cry, not knowing what was wrong. Now, looking back, I know it was IBS and it was not normal! After 13 months of drinking Shakeology, I’ve had NO ISSUES…unless I do not drink it. Like a vitamin, I drink it DAILY!”
Missy said: “Eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet helped me a lot! Adding Shakeology to my routine stopped all of my symptoms completely…It will clean you out at first, which can mimic some IBS symptoms, but after that you can enjoy complete relief!”

And, Dessi reports: “I have battled IBS since my late 20s. Eating 30g of fiber a day did not help; special diets did not help; eliminating dairy did not help. Taking pills did not make a difference. They were masking one symptom and causing another. Shakeology, though, did the trick. I found relief.”
If you suffer from IBS, it’s essential to consider how to reverse the problem, instead of just masking it. Will Shakeology work for you? It’s something that you won’t know until you try it. It might work wonders and provide you with a symptom-free lifestyle. If it doesn’t work, Beachbody has a bottom-of-the-bag guarantee that provides you with your money back, no questions asked.
If it doesn’t help your IBS, it’s not going to hurt you, either. It’s nutrient dense and will help provide you with the vitamins you need daily, give you energy and reduce your cravings for junk food (which could help your IBS symptoms, too!).

I know my day without the go was enough for me to seek out help. I hope that if you struggle with this daily this post helps you.
If you are interested in learning more about shakeology message me Click here!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Today Is the Day..... #fearlessfriday

Well I am up and NOT really sure why I booked this appointment on Friday The 13th!!!! 
Today is the day... I meet again with the surgeon and he will tell me if I am strong enough for surgery. 

So you may know or may not know..... this about the knee!! The ACL is your backup plan to protect your knee. If your knee moves in a way it shouldn't it fires the ACL. 
Since mine is gone. I have to strengthen my knee so that once the surgery happens the new tendon taken from my leg to build my ACL won't be fired and my recovery time will be better. 

This is the hardest part!! The UNKNOWN!! I am such a scheduler and with the busiest time of the year here with Thanksgiving in two weeks, than Christmas I really just want to get this done so I can heal and get on with my life. 

I also wouldn't mind going into 2016 with a new mindset and leave this year in the dust!! 
2015 started with Christmas in 2014, Brian's dad fell and shortly after was hospitalized and omitted to the ICU where he spent 6 weeks until moved to hospice where he lost his battle with cancer. Mother in law in a care center with a broken leg, Husband and I just trying to manage it all. 

I need a NEW YEAR like Never Before!! 

My mindset is optimistic!! The past is the past and I can only learn from it and focus on the future.
It would just be really nice to not have this surgery be apart of that NEW Year Plan.

Personal Development has been key for me. It dug me out of my hole and help me find that strong mindset again. I let a lot of bad habits creep in, and I can give you every excuse as to why I did what I did but I should have been stronger, I definitely know better.

I ate crappy food sitting at a bar and washing it down with craft beers!
I didn't workout I slept in, I didn't grow mentally other than learning the in's and out's of healthcare and the maze of UPMC Shadyside.
I beat myself up! How dare you feel sorry for you! Someone out there is going through so much worse. <---- alot="" bad="" be="" can="" do="" end="" hospice.="" how="" i="" in="" just="" learn="" life="" me="" nbsp="" or="" p="" that="" trust="" you="" your="">
In April I knew I had to start at Ground 0! I had to fix my mindset first before I could fix my will to thrive. I dove into personal development and I haven't stopped!

I started with YOU ARE A BADASS - Jen Sincero  I still revert back to quotes from this book!

 Developing The Leadership Within" - John Maxwell I needed to get back into my team 100% and lead. It was so awesome to see my natural leaders rise during my down time, but I wanted to be able to help them move forward. 

Next was the Five Love Languages" - Gary Chapman, If you are in a relationship YOU should read this book!! My Husband was struggling after the loss of his father, and I knew I needed to fix that to have a sense of peace in my home and be able to give my attention to him first as well as others. 

He was broken too. We honestly were a mess. 

Now with this injury I am educating myself on what goes into my mouth. Ground 0!! I have gained about 25 pounds this year, WELL probably 30 because I have lost 5 pounds here or there. I honestly left NO Time for me. I went into September thinking that would all change and mid month had this happen to my knee. 
That was a SLAP IN THE FACE! 
I have said OH Well around food... I might as well have another.. but that needs to stop. 
I function better when I fuel my body with food that makes me feel better. 
I read the Whole30, got really frightened by it and put it down. I'm not there yet! I will be but not now. 
I am reading the start here diet by Tosca Reno and it starts with food by Dallas Hartwig. 
Ground 0 and when I started with The Eat Clean Diet recharged it changed my whole mindset with food. 

So am I happy that I gained the weight and can't workout NO! 
Am I going to spend another year, month or minute of my time beating myself up over it NOPE! 

 I jiggle therefore I am...
I worry that if I die tomorrow and I didn't eat the cheese... that would be tragic!! 
I drink wine, I love dark beer and whiskey. 
I see Value in Myself.

 I guarantee that there are others out there in a similar situation that I can help. I am evolving into a better version of me and I know that I will look back and say that this taught me _________. I'm just not sure what it is right now. 

Things don't happen to me.. they happen for me. 
Let that sink in a minute..... 
Yes I am overweight, Yes Beachbody Coaches come in all sizes, and YES my life has been a shit storm. Coaching has forced me to look into my life so much deeper ( never judge a book by it's cover) My initial goals were financial but it has also forced me to better myself and face my inner demons so that I can help others do the same.

If you are ready to turn your mess into your message I want to chat with you. 
Make a plan to make a change and better your life. Don't get stuck. 
This is happening For YOU to Grow!! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Haters gonna Hate!! 'TIS the season for temptation' Holiday Survival Group!!

Sorry... Yes I know a little T Swift is now stuck in your head!! Mine too! 
But I will tell you that she hit the nail on the head when she created this song. 
Holiday support with eating and meal ideas
Haters Gonna Hate!! 

So this inspired me to share with you what I hate... 
Dare I say it!! 
Are you the same?? 

I Sara Stakeley the Beachbody Coach HATE working out!! 

I don't like to sweat, wash my hair everyday and lord knows I don't want to install a handicapped toilet for after a leg day!! 

I will eat Clean ALL Day if it means I don't have to press play!! 
I think that is why healthy eating has become my niche' as a coach. Many people love working out but workout to eat or cheat! 

Now don't get me wrong.. I workout because I know that it is important for my long term health but since I can't workout right now it is crazy to me how bad I want too!! 

This leads me to why I am typing today!! 
You don't know what you have till you lose it!! Temporarily in my case, but what I can focus on is what is going in my mouth and I will be a better coach after my surgery!! 

So I have been diving into eating habits, healthy meals, easy meals, and everything food related! 

I am currently in my 4th week of my 1 month of PT before I meet with the surgeon this friday and we set up or he ships me back to PT work. I have to strengthen the muscles around the knee before they take a piece of my tendon to fix my torn ACL and repair the torn meniscus!! 
Happy New Knee to ME!! 

So if you HATE working out or just Hate the situation you are in right now because you can't.. 
we need to chat! I have been hitting the basics and learning what food does in your body, how it is stored, what you get from what you eat and how food can heal! 

As someone with a bum knee and PCOS my health is important to me. 
I don't want to be put back on prescriptions that controlled my every day with crazy side effects and hormones out of control! 

The holidays are coming... just like every year they do!! I like to look at them as a cheat day, I don't wait till they are over to make an effort! I eat what I love like Mom's stuffing or pumpkin pie!! I watch my portions because I don't want to feel like the stuffed turkey, but I have found that I just need a little bit and I am good!! If I say No you're not allowed that.. I tend to eat everything in sight!! 
I don't like the word No about as much as I don't like working out!! 

LOL!! You can have your wine too!! #Saveayellow! 

So where is this going..... 
I have decided to create a happy place and seek out others like me!! 
I think it will be great company!! 

I have set up a 10 day focused accountability group for people who want to just focus on what they are eating each day. Maybe learn a few tips and trick! A healthy holiday meal that they can WOW their company with and secretly laugh when they talk about NEVER eating "diet" food! 

AKA Hatters!! LOL! We all have a family member or two like this!! 

So if you want to KICK some Holiday butt and shed some craving, gain some ho ho energy and just kick some holiday ass!! It's 10 days and will end the week with a December Kick off Refresh!
Lose up to 10 pounds by the first week of December and keep it off with my ongoing support! 

My support is free as my customer and you will be required to replace a meal a day with a nutrient dense shake!! No this is not a slim fast, or protein shake! 
Remember how I said we would KICK Cravings and provide you with natural energy??!! 
Well Shakeology will be your secret santa weapon!! 
At $4 a day you will have a easy, travel ready, on the ho ho go meal!! 
If you drink ANYTHING in your day other than water you can afford this!! Heck a coffee is $6 and a Coke is $2.50!! When was the last time they provided you with 70 superfoods?? 

Seriously.. Shakeology has saved my health and even now as I can't move it saves my joints from pain, my hormone levels, and I haven't gone a day without it in over 4 years!! 

I believe in it and I will make it my mission for you to see the same value in it as your investment to your health this holiday season. 
Best part is if you order the set together you save!! 
You save $50!! 

Want to add a workout in SURE!! I can go over with you ways to incorporate movement that fits your lifestyle be it activity level and time you have to fit it in!!

Join our Healthy Holiday Challenge group – starting November 23! 

The holiday season shouldn’t be about deprivation or dieting. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and to enjoy the festivities. The challenge is to do it without gaining weight and losing sight of your goals! 

To stay on track most of us need inspiration and accountability DAILY. That’s why I’m hosting the fourth annual Healthy Holiday Challenge Group.  It’s a Holiday Survival Guide, of sorts, and we will party in a private Facebook group. It’s a way to enjoy the holiday season while still maintaining your sanity. You’ll learn to enjoy treats in moderation, squeeze exercise in your busy day if not a hatter, and how to eat nutritiously most of the time.
It’s gonna be epic. Message me for Details here:, Want support online? Click above to connect with me, or add me as a friend and shot me a message on facebook!!