Friday, October 30, 2015

Start Now and with a Change Anything mindset!!

It's funny how people react to change!! Some just stare... some say why did you do that?? And many of my lifelong friends can't find me in a crowd!! Oh I was looking for a Blondie!!

I love change!! Honestly you only live once so WHY NOT!!
It's only hair people!! I am sure eventually I will highlight my way back to blonde for summer!!

I work at a Salon and Spa so when you talk to your colorist friend of 10 years and show her a instagram picture... You better be ready to commit!! Before I knew it she was mixing up her bowls with a MAD science look in her eye!!! No turning Back now!!

So I said Let's Do this!!

What do you think??

Before??? Or After???

Start Now and with a Change Anything mindset
Now I will answer any questions you might have but let me answer the majority I have gotten here!!!
Just for FUN!! LOL!!

1.) MY FAVORITE!! No I am not on a FBI poster or On the RUN!! <<<<< True!! Thank you for thinking of me as such a daredevil but honestly I wouldn't last a day as Bonnie or Clyde!!

2.) I am going to get HELL for this but I will say Blonde's have more fun... If your idea of fun is being honked at by truckers, spoken slowly too, or the BEST!!! Assumed to be not as smart as our darker colored haired friends!! Truth!! Crazy but True!!

3.) My hair does not feel over processed!! If anything it holds a shine more and the color used was a Wella professional 2 process color done at work by a professional!! If trying this at home YOU will Be Ronald McDonald RED!!! I am warning you here!! I have the Facebook pictures to back this statement up!! Do not send me your at home process nightmare!! I am a skin tech/ Beachbody Coach!! I do not do hair, I REMOVE it with wax!! :)

4.) Dark hair is fun!! Is it a BIG change YES!! I still deep down in my heart of hearts feel like a blonde wearing a wig!! I need a tan and my rosy Irish/German cheeks are proof!! It will be interesting when my blonde roots come in but for now I am rolling with it!

Change Can be hard for many.... Change is also where the magic happens!!
In many ways of life as Adults we fear change when we should EMBRACE it!!
When I look back on all the things I thought or over thought about doing and sometimes didn't it makes me sad!!
Yes I have a bucket list!! No dark hair isn't on it, but maybe it should have been. Right beside swimming with sharks!! LOL!!

I teach my team to think BIGGER and NO I'm not talking about hair color I am talking about life, goals, and WHAT YOU WANT!!

Why NOT have it ALL!!

With every fall we watch the seasons change here in PA, in life we often get complacent!
I challenge you to be FEAR LESS!! This is the theme I am taking with me to end this year.

Why Wait to make 2016 your best Year? Start Now and with a Change Anything mindset!!

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  1. You are beautiful as a blonde or a brunette…but the beauty that you have on the inside is beyond words.