Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keep Your Head UP..... #nevergiveup.

Well Monday I got the Call in my Car and the nurse said Badly Torn ACL
Looks like I will have my first surgery at 36. 😤
Tears in my eyes and then this song came on my Spotify "happy place" List!!

"Happiness is a choice"
Looks like I need to go shoe shopping for winter orthopedic flats....

I got my Diagnosis print out Yesterday the 6th 
Well I guess 2015 will go out with a bang. 
This has been a long year.
I have a surgery consult on the 16th.

It's Crazy How you just do something and HAVE NO idea the impact it could have on your future....
Angie Bates (my Sister) and I pictured below signed a Wall that said NEVER GIVE UP at Summit in Vegas last year.
Sure this year has been hard... It started January 7th 2015 with the fatal diagnosis of my father in law and has CONTINUED to be ONE thing after the other.
And Now this... Icing on my cake. 
I had a little pity party Monday Night for myself and self doubt and debbie downer joined the Party.
Who will want me to coach them if I can't workout?
My health has changed so much over the last 4 years.. was it all for nothing.
I am scared. I have never had any surgery.
Haven't I been through enough..
What is the lesson in ALL of this!! Please Show me.
And then this picture appeared yesterday night while I was cleaning out my photos on my phone.
You Said you Would NEVER GIVE UP.
You Signed it with Your Baby Sister for goodness sake.
Then It Clicked... This is me and sometimes life is HARD! Right.
I have always had to learn the "hard way" and I am good at overcoming ANY situation thrown my way.
This is my Story and I plan to show you and anyone else who stumbles across my google search.
You can Overcome Anything Thrown in your Path of Success!
I am not Giving up, I am not burying my face in a chocolate Cake!! (( Or Cheese yep even CHEESE! LOL! )) I promised to NEVER Give UP on me and I will make good on my word.
You can do this too or with me.
Promise yourself today that you will.


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