Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Survival Tips!!

We are 3 days away from the scariest holiday of the year!  HALLOWEEN causes many of us to go running in the opposite direction from the mirror when you pull up those skinny jeans after a weekend of candy treats, fun drinks and appetizers!  You might think to yourself that those mini candy bars are a good idea because they are portion sized but then you also think to yourself that you can have more than 1 because they are bite sized!  Before you know it you have taken down half the candy bowl and you are feeling pretty defeated!  

But I want you to also start to change your thinking right now!  Just because you think it's going to be hard doesn't mean you just don't start at all or you take an entire week off of eating healthy and working out bc of one day of trick or treating!  It's all about changing your mindset.  So here are some of my top tips:

1.  Don't get your favorite candy to hand out on Halloween.  Honestly it's like a death sentence.  Why on earth would you torture yourself by getting your favorite candy, putting it in a bowl and staring at it maybe even drooling as people slowly take your favorites!  I will almost put money on it that by the end of the night you have a stashed a few pieces away in your pocket bc you feel like you deserve it!  

INSTEAD---- Get a candy that is not your favorite and doesn't tempt you!  In the past we have gotten the large boxes of pretzels to hand out and there is no temptation there.  Trust me, you are not doing a disservice to other kids.  They are getting plenty of goodies in their treat bags.  There will be no almond joys and reese's peanut butter cups in my house!

2.  Out of sight out of mind.  So don't keep a candy dish in the kitchen or on the end table.  It's screaming eat me mindlessly as you walk by!  We have a candy container that is in the pantry closet and it's up pretty high so that you have to go out of your way to get to it.  

Once Halloween is over you can keep a few pieces for your Hubby... Like me or kids and then donate your candy, send it with your spouse to work!  There is no reason to feel the need to eat all that candy.  It's just going to undo all the great work you have been doing for yourself.  Candy is literally like crack, the more you have it the more you crave it!  Sugar is very very addictive!  So BEWARE, once you start it's hard to stop!

3.  Keep a journal.  It's really really important that as you move into the holidays that you have a great way of tracking your daily food intake.  Honestly, it's so easy to not realize what you are eating.  You take 1 little bite here and 1 little bite there and before you know it you have had way more than you ever expected.  But when you have to write it down and be accountable to that it makes you second guess that decision!  I know for me, that was the defining moment in my weight loss.  I was self sabotaging myself and not even realizing it.

4.  Exercise.  So it's important that no matter what you stick to your fitness program.  So Saturday is Halloween, I am going to get up do my physical therapy, drink my Shakeology for breakfast, have 2 healthy snacks, a healthy lunch and a balanced dinner!  I'm going to hand out candy for trick or treaters at a friends and have a few drinks.  Maybe a piece of candy or an appetizer but I'm not throwing all caution to the wind for the entire day.  I'm not starving myself to have extra calories for the evening! Stick to the plan.  It's 1 meal not an entire day or week!  This is the key to success.  Everything in moderation and don't skip a workout EVER on a cheat day!  DEAL!!! SAVE A YELLOW!! 

5.  Find healthy alternatives.  So you have some favorite halloween treats you love to eat.  Find a few better options to replace some of those not so healthy options!
Almond Joy Shakeology is a lifesaver for me!! 

For me Shakeology is always my sweet treat replacement!

No bake chocolate peanut butter balls are great for something rich
The chocolate pumpkin granola bars are a great snack idea
It's all about finding a replacement--- you can have the best of both worlds!!!  

Cookie Dough Dip!! - No one even knows it's beans!

If you want to change you are going to have to give up a little to get a lot of good!  

Want an extra level of accountability?

Join my Halloween Candy Detox Challenge Group to help you get focused after halloween and make it to Thanksgiving with a whole new box of tools to use!

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