Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Average is Predictable, Awesome is Adventurous!!

I was listening to a little personal development this morning as I sit on my butt and ice my knee! 
I came across this quote... 

Average Is Predictable and Familiar
Awesome IS Dangerous! Awesome is Adventurous!! 

So last friday I found out that I will have Physical therapy on my knee for 1 month and then I will have surgery... probably right before Christmas or at the start of the new year. 
I fell and it wasn't anything amazing!! I was dancing and my knee went one way and my body the other and POP! I have injured this knee before so it might of been weak and ready to break down.

My ACL is gone and in doing so it collapsed my kneecap bruise it and I have a fracture in the bone. 
I have to Rock a awesome knee brace and a cane.. 

The PT will help me to loosen the knee and make my recovery better after the surgery. 
I feel like it is a death sentence and I am being tourchered for a month before it happens.. 
Honestly my spirits were down, for a hot minute!! 
After a good slap in the face I realized that this is just MY Story and My Story has always been learning things the Hard way! 

Go Hard or Go Home! That is my motto!! 
I guess I CRUSHED that part!! LOL!

2015 has been a YEAR.... If you follow me you know that I had a father-in-law get diagnosed with cancer on January 7th 2015. He spent 6 weeks in ICU and then was moved to hospice where he lost his battle with cancer March 22nd. During his time in ICU my Mother-in-law fell and broke her femur bone. It was actually sticking outside her leg!! If I live to never see that again I will be a very happy person. So 1 in Hospice and 1 in a care center. Taking care of everything as well as the care of them was a challenge and honestly I don't remember most of last winter!! 
I think the focus was wake up and repeat! 

We had many blessing this year as well! My niece Siena was born August 1st two weeks early and I was able to spend time in NY to be with them and spend time with my Sister and her baby. 

Thank GOD for Beachbody... at the Spa I work and I get paid. 
With Beachbody I work from anywhere and I retain an income at this point so if I am away from home I still get paid, if I am in the hospital everyday.. I still get paid.
I don't even want to think if I was still living paycheck to paycheck before Beachbody.. 
I would probably be filing bankruptcy at this point.

After the Death of my FIL my husband was lost. He had a breakdown and tapped into an area in his life he thought he had buried so deep. He was lost, he would often look at me with this blank stare and I knew I was losing him. He wouldn't lash out but he was different. He was lost and he couldn't even see or feel why. Brian grew up in a very different home than I did and everything that went on in that time he buried deep. He wasn't allowed to express feelings and has never even heard the words I love you from his mother, but he is his mother and I give him a lot of credit for taking such good care of her. I don't know if I grew up the same way if I would be so understanding. 
This summer at the end of July I actually moved out of our home and left Brian. His actions were not getting better and I knew I needed to prove to him that I wa serious and that we as a couple needed to go to therapy. I had mentioned it before to help him and he refused. Men tend to now like to ask for help and I didn't want to seem like a nag but I knew that he needed help. 
After only a few days living with friends and my Mother he finally agreed to therapy and we go once a week to meet with Dr. Dan. 

Communication has been our focus, Brian was burying feelings and testing me since after his father's death he felt like he had NO one else but me and my family. 

Even the Doctor told us that we have an amazing relationship, I told him I knew that but I knew I had to nip this in the butt before it got worse. I felt alone and I never knew what to expect when I walked in the door. I didn't want that to be the lifestyle for us. 

Honestly we both think this year has brought us closer and now I can say that we are better than ever. I am thankful that I was strong enough for the both of us to not let us fail. 

Personal development is something that as a coach beachbody taught me. I read you are a Bad ASS at the time where I couldn't even find myself. I felt lost and I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. 
I knew in April I had to get my mind right and back into focus. 
Never did I think that it would save the love of my life too. 

10 minutes a day.... I read to better myself and make myself stronger. 
10 minutes that is easy not to do, but has been proven to me to change my entire outlook. 

After Leadership I made a promise to myself that I was going to focus on me. I was going to turn this year into something great!! Than I collapsed to the floor in Florida.

I have EVER excuse to say OH WELL!! Throw my hands in the air and fill my wine glass up and bury it all! Honestly I thought about it.. but how would that get me closer to making 2016 better. 
It wouldn't!! After Receiving a ton of messages like this above  I changed my focus and I have accomplished some pretty AWESOME things in the mix of all this madness this year!! 

My Beachbody Team is Better than Ever!! 
My Business Is growing! 
I have been able to help others in health and wealth.
I am debt free beside my Mortgage. 
I am a new Aunt and I need to be a good example.
I am a Wife and I am proud of my Family.
I have people on my team that believe enough in me and this business that have trusted me as a leader to leave a full time job. 
I will rely on my Beachbody income and only that for 3 months till I can heal from this surgery. 

I need to think with my head and not my broken heart.
2105 has been hard but hardly what others have gone through. 
I feel guilty for even thinking why me, when others have great struggle as well. 
So Flip it! My Focus is on seeking out and changing 10 lives before this year ends. 

Where am I right Now?  
I am focused on my BIG Goals! 
I am not giving up! 

My health goal is to focus and become a master of what I put into my body. I can control that!! 
My team goal is to help 3 coaches retire for 2016! Full time at home coach! 
My goal for myself in business is to grow in leadership as a bench bark. I want to help 5 people reach a goal of Diamond by December 22nd, 2015!! 

My focus is on getting stronger mentally and physically so that in return I can seek out and find others that felt lost and need a safe place to find AWESOME again. 

If you feel lost seek professional help. Never be afraid of what others may think of you! They are not important. They will keep you from greatness, 
If you are at a good place in your life, but feel you are meant for more? 
Financially, In fitness or Health, or maybe you just want Freedom with your income? 

I would love to have you be apart of my team as a customer or coach. 
I would love to have you be a success because of my help in 2015!! 

Above all thank you for following me here, thank you for letting me share what I have been through in hopes that it will help just one. 

2016 will come and we have no control over that... 
You do have control over your mindset and how you will end this year. 
My mindset is that I am NOT going to sit back and watch it go by. 
I am going out with a BANG! 

My Hair Color is not the only thing that has changed!! It was like a New Beginning for this year. 
Welcome to the Dark Side!! LOL! 

~ Sara 

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