Monday, September 28, 2015

You can throw obstacles at me but you can't break me!

You can not break me

So I got some bad news on Friday. 
Torn meniscus in my knee... 
Meeting with the Dr this week for more testing and possible surgery talk.

At first I thought WHY ME!!
This year has been hard enough already with family injuries, death, sadness, therapy for loss, my relationship with a grieving husband, and my health in general taking a back seat to it all.
And then I stopped myself..
This year has taught me what is precious in life- family, new life with my Niece, friendships, my business and my team crushing goals!
I have the BEST support around me with my family, my business, and my husband 💗 with everything going on we have been able to become stronger because of it and really learn so much more about each other and what we want for the long term.
Life can be challenging‬ and at times I want to throw in the towel and just disappear to a deserted beach!! Everything is a lesson and I am becoming stronger‬!!
I know what I can control and I will come out on top and better than ever!
Setting up my week for healthy meals, prepping my meals for busy nights, new programs for my team's success and working harder on my "diet" and personal development!

That's what I love about Monday‬!! Fresh Start! NEW MOON‬! Move forward, roll with the punches, and make things happen.
You can throw obstacles at me but you can't break me!

HERE Is my Game Plan!! 

There is just ALWAYS something that seems to keep me from reaching my goal with my figure!! 
And that is going to be my message!! 
In life there is ALWAYS going to be SOMETHING holding you back, RIGHT! 
There can ALWAYS be an excuse for NOT working out or eating right!
This injury is a valid excuse but what about when I go for instant gratification over my long term goal? 
I think many of us are Guilty of that.... (( HAND RAISED )) 

I said when I came back from the Retreat I was going to focus on my nutrition and I was talking with a trainer on setting up a workout plan with my in home workouts.

It would be easy to say... Well I give up! Well I will just have to start in 3 months!! I don't have time to learn something new. I would have failed anyways.... I will just WAIT!! 

I am tired of waiting!! I am going to dial it in and Change my Diet with a injury, I am going to learn why food holds this POWER over me, I am going to learn EVERYTHING I can about how food reacts with my chemistry and my personal issue of PCOS. Food Has POWER and I have seen it work. Now I want to see just how far I can go by ONLY focusing on food! 

Want to join me? 
Are you going through the same thing? 
Overcome your injury!!
Change your Mindset!! 
Follow me here each week for my update. 

You can Change your Mindset too and I can help! 

Sara Stakeley

Message Me for Details to be added to this October Focus Group!
Subject: It starts with food Group. 
Let me know what you are currently struggling with. 
Family health History and/or injury past or present. 

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