Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Leadership Retreat Team Evolve went to Destin Florida!

Hey Everyone!! I just got back from our Leadership Retreat and I wanted to share with you my take a ways and my AH HA moments!!

I have NEVER been a Girly Girl and I NEVER joined a club in college, I was a Cheerleader in high school because I loved to dance!! I loved being outside in the crisp cool air of fall on the field with a front row seat to the game. Honestly.. I just loved to shake it and it was fun to perform!! LOL!

I was and still am that girl that has boys as friends. I feel comfortable around the say anything lifestyle of men. Until Beachbody I had maybe 5 close girls as friends.

Women are HARD on each other and themselves!! And I steer clear of negativity and debbie downers! I have been able to surround myself with motivating, positive women in my life with this business!! Something I thought was a myth.... and each time I step out from behind my computer screen and into a event I learn that women like me are everywhere. How awesome is that!

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest may seem crazy to you to meet your tribe, but to me it has been a blessing to my life over the last 4 years.

Honest MOMENT... I thought about NOT going on this trip with emerging leaders. I have been in this business for 4 years and sometimes "success" is measured by rank in the company and not goals. I am sure you have seen me post about Diamond Rank, and Star Diamond Rank in the past :) This business for me is different!! I have "different" goals. This time in my life I don't want to be the one on stage shaking it like I did in High school!! LOL!
I grow a business for income. My focus is on my team and showing them their potential to crush their personal goals and as a team the higher we are in volume the higher our whole team pay is!
I have coaches on my team that LOVE the shout out for Rank, and I have many people with BIG goals for income.

I want to be the Millionair on stage at summit who everyone turns to each other and says "Wait... who is that???" How cool would that be!!

Whatever their goal is I honor that and to each one of us that is personal and unique.

I don't want to be that girl..... I am that girl!! And I own it!

This retreat was at the Beach and I am so happy that I went!!
I learned of other just like me on other teams and I learned about them their lives, goals, fears and Triumphs! Once again I was reminded to NEVER judge a book by it's cover!!

We spent the first day with a "meet and greet" getting to hear how this business has personally changed lives is my jam!! I love a good rags to riches story or a I proved them wrong!!

I slept in a room with 8 women and 1 bathroom! I LOVED IT!! We got close and close fast!
We stayed up laughing and sharing stories! I felt like I was 20 again at flight attendant camp!

I don't know how I got so lucky but my room rocked and we nicknamed it Noah's ARK (( In your very best BOSTON drawl!! say ARC!! LOL!)))
Women from all over in my room even Canada!! EH!

The next day Friday was my favorite! BEACH DAY! If you needed me I was in the ocean! I got up didn't shower changed and I headed to the beach!
This is where the conversations where best and the view was amazing!!
We stayed all day! Went in for lunch and rinsed off in the pool!

Saturday was filled with Brainstorming and learning Top Tips from the Best! In this business if something is working for you... YOU SHARE IT!! WHAT! YES as crazy as it may sound it is what we do on my team! I want you to be just as successful if not better than me.
Nothing makes me happier than to see my team succeed!

Sunday was a Easy day.. we laughed at breakfast over mimosa's and by this point we had all become a family!! 45 women stuck in a beach mansion!! TRUE STORY!! Destin.

Sunday Night we trickled down to the ARC each one of us and just laughed till our belly's hurt!
We danced, told jokes and made WAY too many Dubsmashes!!
Others trickled down too from the sounds of laughter and we spent our last night just having fun and hanging out before we went our separate ways the next.

Monday the house was quiet and the beach was empty.
I went down threw a penny in the water for good luck and thanked the universe for putting me Right Here Right Now!

I am blessed BEYOND belief in my life and my struggles are what has molded my story!
My Fear had been eliminated. Just be YOU Sara I heard in that time by myself on the beach.
Truth in life is hard to share, what will others think??

Truth in life is YOU. I am that Girl. You will Remember my NAME!!
I am leaving behind a legacy....

Don't watch me! Join me!
Find Success, happiness and others that only want to lift you higher!
Crush Debt! Work from home and Experience the True meaning Of FREEDOM with me.

I would LOVE for you to join me on our next Beach Retreat and see first hand how becoming a Beachbody Coach can and will change YOU.
Feel Free to Reach out to me here: or fill out my online application below:

Be apart of SOMETHING BIGGER, BE Apart of Team Evolve!!

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