Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do you LOVE to Travel?

I always said when I left the Airlines that SOMEDAY I will travel again and I will get to do so ON MY TERMS!!! At the time it seemed liked just a WISH but I will tell you that it has become an amazing reality for me again!! 

I feel blessed that I have been able to travel coast to coast as my job past, but NEVER in my Wildest Dreams did I think that I could once I took on my schedule at the spa. See in this industry if you don't work you don't get paid. Much like a Hairstylist, Bartender, or Even a Sales job. If you have a quota to meet chances are you are working on Vacation! 
If you are Commission based... NO PAY while away. 
This always bummed me out... I still wanted to see the world and I didn't want to wait till I was 60 to do so. 

With Beachbody it is the BEST of two worlds. When I work I don't feel as if it is a job. It is fun getting to work with people and give them a better life. 
I have a team to back me up and when I am away we help each other out! 

Since I became a Coach I have been on so Many PAID VACATIONS!! 
Florida, Dana Point, CA, Vegas 3 times, Arizona,Virginia, and New York. 

I have also been able to travel with my Husband who is a teacher during the summer and we have been able to see friends and family ALL over the place!! 
This Week I am headed to Destin Florida for a Leadership retreat that I earned. 
We will be staying in a Mansion on the Beach with an amazing pool and view of the water!! 
We will have a Master Clean Chef to prepare our meals and Trainer Workouts Live every morning! 

The best part about traveling for work with Beachbody is that you know you will be SURROUNDED by Like minded people!! You will leave feeling better about yourself. Food For your SOUL!! :)

Its incredible how you are called to certain life experiences and you just never know where they will lead you to!
It's amazing to think 4 years ago I was a new coach, not yet Diamond and just starting to run my very first challenge group.
It's incredible to look back at my journey, to remember how hard it was to get my business started, and how many obstacles and oppositions I had to face. But I never gave up! I mean I wavered, I asked if I could really do it! I wasn'tsure where this business would lead and I certainly never thought it would lead to Success with Team Beachbody!

But, I had a purpose, I had a passion, I had the drive and determination to forge forward no matter what! I see the bigger picture, I envision success, I put my blinders on, I want everyone to be happy and I want everyone to succeed!!
I am a systems gal. I love coming up with Motivation to get others to think harder and DREAM BIGGER, curriculum's and a structure to lead with! 
YES.. Me and Google DOC are serious friends... 

I started with challenge groups and challenge group guides and it moved to team training, team growth and development! I love seeing the fire ignited in my coaches eyes.

One step at a time, brick by brick I have created an organization of incredible leaders! I get to spend time with  a very small portion of  leaders on a trip this week to Destin Florida where we will spend 4 days networking, learning, growing, expanding our thinking and stretching our own limits!

I am just so excited to meet some of these coaches for the very first time face to face. 

I am excited to be surrounded by Team Leaders with a vision and a purpose for their businesses! 
I'm excited to help guide, direct and support this amazing group of women! How blessed I am to have the opportunity to be apart of this training with my team!

 Sometimes I can't believe that this has all happened. It's such a blessing!
 Let the fun begin!

As I sit in Cold Pittsburgh this morning.. I am dreaming of the Beach!! 
Here is a sneak peek of where I will be with my team this Thursday- Monday!! 

EEEK!! So excited!
I can't Wait to be On this Beach with all of YOU!!

If you have ever considered a Career with Beachbody NOW is the TIME!! I would love to have you with me at all of the events and our Retreat Next Year!! 
What do you have to lose? 
Why Not YOU!! 

 I have the most amazing TEAM of supportive, caring, funny and passionate coaches from all over North America and Canada that I get to build this business with every single day. We all have come together to create the most efficient ways for all of our new coaches to start experiencing and building their OWN freedom.
So I can say, YES- this CAN BE the dream job everyone makes it out to be!

Let's Talk it Over!! Apply to be apart of my growing Team Below!! 

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