Friday, September 11, 2015

Do ONE Good Deed This 911.

Do 1 Good Deed this ‪#‎911day‬
14 years ago and one that day How did you feel?
What meant the most to you in those moments that morning?
I will do 1 Good Deed this 9/11
Will you join me?
Even in devastation there is a lesson. We are shown what matters most.
We come together not as strangers but as united force.
I was a flight attendant that day and in the air grounded at 9:15 am. I was very lucky that it was in pittsburgh, but feared for my co worker friends when I heard about the terrible news.
I remember calling my Mom first. I wanted her to know I was ok.
I received a call from a friend.
After that the phone lines were out and we were told to evacuate the pittsburgh airport and towers.
I describe that moment as calm chaos it was almost as if the world was moving so slow around me with the fear of the unknown.
I got to my car and headed straight for Brian's School. We were only dating 2 years at the time but almost movie like he saw me pull up and ran to greet me.
That is what mattered most to me in that moment... everyone that I Love.
The people in my life.. Not the things.
It's sad to think back on this day... but never forget the lesson.
What truly matters in your life?
What are you thankful for?
I will Never Forget.
I will Prayers for those lost, and the families left behind, and those who continue to put their life on the line for my freedom.

If you do a good deed today Post it below. ~ Sara 

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