Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shakeology for Joint Pain: Isn’t it a Weight Loss Supplement???

As I sip on my Chocolate Fix for Breakfast I wanted to share with you what I talked to my Dr about my knee injury.
I always ask what "natural" ways can help when dealing with an issue! 
I am not against prescriptions but I steer clear of them at ALL costs, if I can!

I was asked if I would like Vicodin for the pain of my knee. 
I replied with a No and asked what could be better with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!
He wasn't sure.

What about Camu Camu??? 
He looked at me like I had 3 heads!! LOL! 
You know Vitamin C??!! From Peru!

Camu Camu from peru??? He wasn't sure and I thought maybe you as my friends didn't know as well..
One of the main ingredients in my Shake is Camu Camu. 
Camu Camu is a great source of vitamin C. It also helps to fight viruses, depression, inflammation, and is chock full of antioxidants.

Yep!! This is NOT a Weight loss drink... It is a nutrient dense meal!
If you suffer from joint pain,  Camu can help with any inflammation in your joints. Relieving the inflammation in your joints can help take away the pressure you are feeling which is causing all your uncomfortable pain.
Did you know that about Camu Camu?? 
It's Kinda Fun to say Too!!

"camu camu from peru"

Do you suffer from joint pain? If you do, you could benefit greatly from the introduction of Shakeology. Joint pain is no laughing matter, when you suffer from it, it can affect the outcome greatly of your day to day activities. Let’s take a look into how Shakeology can help with any joint pain you may suffer from. It’s time to break free from the chains of pain holding you back each day.

It is true that Shakeology is a great and powerful weight loss accelerator, but it has been also known to help fight disease.  With over 70 powerful vitamins and nutrients, you surely cannot go wrong. Let’s take a look at the main ingredients in Shakeology that will help to fight any joint pain you may be suffering from.

Shakeology Joint Pain: Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of Shakeology is Camu Camu. Camu Camu is a great source of vitamin C. It also helps to fight viruses, depression, inflammation, and is chock full of antioxidants.  If you suffer from joint pain, Camu Camu can help with any inflammation in your joints. Relieving the inflammation in your joints can help take away the pressure you are feeling which is causing all your uncomfortable pain.

In addition you can get the added bonus of having a powerful antioxidant to help fight away any viruses you may catch. Antioxidants are a double heavy hitter because they help to fight and remove the free radicals in the body which are responsible for premature aging, and any tissue damage. So not only will Shakeology help relieve any pressure and pain from your joints, but you can get the added bonuses of fighting premature aging and viruses. That seems like a win win to me. But if you are not fully convinced. Keep reading on to see how you can benefit from Shakeology.

Shakeology Joint Pain: Additional Health Benefits:

The ingredient Sachi-inchi in Shakeology helps to increase and boost your bodies metabolism, help with type 2 diabetes, disease, and ADD. Sachi-inchi is loaded with omega 3′s which help to fight obesity and boost the body's metabolism. What’s even better about this is you are not having to take any fish oil capsules, which let’s face it, don’t taste too great after you digest them.

Want to learn more about Shakeology and How it 

has saved my health? 

I would love to give You a FREE Consultation to see if shakeology can Help you: 

-Family Health History? 
-Weight Loss
-High Blood Pressure
-High Cholesterol 
-Hormonal Imbalance 


Monday, September 28, 2015

You can throw obstacles at me but you can't break me!

You can not break me

So I got some bad news on Friday. 
Torn meniscus in my knee... 
Meeting with the Dr this week for more testing and possible surgery talk.

At first I thought WHY ME!!
This year has been hard enough already with family injuries, death, sadness, therapy for loss, my relationship with a grieving husband, and my health in general taking a back seat to it all.
And then I stopped myself..
This year has taught me what is precious in life- family, new life with my Niece, friendships, my business and my team crushing goals!
I have the BEST support around me with my family, my business, and my husband 💗 with everything going on we have been able to become stronger because of it and really learn so much more about each other and what we want for the long term.
Life can be challenging‬ and at times I want to throw in the towel and just disappear to a deserted beach!! Everything is a lesson and I am becoming stronger‬!!
I know what I can control and I will come out on top and better than ever!
Setting up my week for healthy meals, prepping my meals for busy nights, new programs for my team's success and working harder on my "diet" and personal development!

That's what I love about Monday‬!! Fresh Start! NEW MOON‬! Move forward, roll with the punches, and make things happen.
You can throw obstacles at me but you can't break me!

HERE Is my Game Plan!! 

There is just ALWAYS something that seems to keep me from reaching my goal with my figure!! 
And that is going to be my message!! 
In life there is ALWAYS going to be SOMETHING holding you back, RIGHT! 
There can ALWAYS be an excuse for NOT working out or eating right!
This injury is a valid excuse but what about when I go for instant gratification over my long term goal? 
I think many of us are Guilty of that.... (( HAND RAISED )) 

I said when I came back from the Retreat I was going to focus on my nutrition and I was talking with a trainer on setting up a workout plan with my in home workouts.

It would be easy to say... Well I give up! Well I will just have to start in 3 months!! I don't have time to learn something new. I would have failed anyways.... I will just WAIT!! 

I am tired of waiting!! I am going to dial it in and Change my Diet with a injury, I am going to learn why food holds this POWER over me, I am going to learn EVERYTHING I can about how food reacts with my chemistry and my personal issue of PCOS. Food Has POWER and I have seen it work. Now I want to see just how far I can go by ONLY focusing on food! 

Want to join me? 
Are you going through the same thing? 
Overcome your injury!!
Change your Mindset!! 
Follow me here each week for my update. 

You can Change your Mindset too and I can help! 

Sara Stakeley

Message Me for Details to be added to this October Focus Group! 
Subject: It starts with food Group. 
Let me know what you are currently struggling with. 
Family health History and/or injury past or present. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Leadership Retreat Team Evolve went to Destin Florida!

Hey Everyone!! I just got back from our Leadership Retreat and I wanted to share with you my take a ways and my AH HA moments!!

I have NEVER been a Girly Girl and I NEVER joined a club in college, I was a Cheerleader in high school because I loved to dance!! I loved being outside in the crisp cool air of fall on the field with a front row seat to the game. Honestly.. I just loved to shake it and it was fun to perform!! LOL!

I was and still am that girl that has boys as friends. I feel comfortable around the say anything lifestyle of men. Until Beachbody I had maybe 5 close girls as friends.

Women are HARD on each other and themselves!! And I steer clear of negativity and debbie downers! I have been able to surround myself with motivating, positive women in my life with this business!! Something I thought was a myth.... and each time I step out from behind my computer screen and into a event I learn that women like me are everywhere. How awesome is that!

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest may seem crazy to you to meet your tribe, but to me it has been a blessing to my life over the last 4 years.

Honest MOMENT... I thought about NOT going on this trip with emerging leaders. I have been in this business for 4 years and sometimes "success" is measured by rank in the company and not goals. I am sure you have seen me post about Diamond Rank, and Star Diamond Rank in the past :) This business for me is different!! I have "different" goals. This time in my life I don't want to be the one on stage shaking it like I did in High school!! LOL!
I grow a business for income. My focus is on my team and showing them their potential to crush their personal goals and as a team the higher we are in volume the higher our whole team pay is!
I have coaches on my team that LOVE the shout out for Rank, and I have many people with BIG goals for income.

I want to be the Millionair on stage at summit who everyone turns to each other and says "Wait... who is that???" How cool would that be!!

Whatever their goal is I honor that and to each one of us that is personal and unique.

I don't want to be that girl..... I am that girl!! And I own it!

This retreat was at the Beach and I am so happy that I went!!
I learned of other just like me on other teams and I learned about them their lives, goals, fears and Triumphs! Once again I was reminded to NEVER judge a book by it's cover!!

We spent the first day with a "meet and greet" getting to hear how this business has personally changed lives is my jam!! I love a good rags to riches story or a I proved them wrong!!

I slept in a room with 8 women and 1 bathroom! I LOVED IT!! We got close and close fast!
We stayed up laughing and sharing stories! I felt like I was 20 again at flight attendant camp!

I don't know how I got so lucky but my room rocked and we nicknamed it Noah's ARK (( In your very best BOSTON drawl!! say ARC!! LOL!)))
Women from all over in my room even Canada!! EH!

The next day Friday was my favorite! BEACH DAY! If you needed me I was in the ocean! I got up didn't shower changed and I headed to the beach!
This is where the conversations where best and the view was amazing!!
We stayed all day! Went in for lunch and rinsed off in the pool!

Saturday was filled with Brainstorming and learning Top Tips from the Best! In this business if something is working for you... YOU SHARE IT!! WHAT! YES as crazy as it may sound it is what we do on my team! I want you to be just as successful if not better than me.
Nothing makes me happier than to see my team succeed!

Sunday was a Easy day.. we laughed at breakfast over mimosa's and by this point we had all become a family!! 45 women stuck in a beach mansion!! TRUE STORY!! Destin.

Sunday Night we trickled down to the ARC each one of us and just laughed till our belly's hurt!
We danced, told jokes and made WAY too many Dubsmashes!!
Others trickled down too from the sounds of laughter and we spent our last night just having fun and hanging out before we went our separate ways the next.

Monday the house was quiet and the beach was empty.
I went down threw a penny in the water for good luck and thanked the universe for putting me Right Here Right Now!

I am blessed BEYOND belief in my life and my struggles are what has molded my story!
My Fear had been eliminated. Just be YOU Sara I heard in that time by myself on the beach.
Truth in life is hard to share, what will others think??

Truth in life is YOU. I am that Girl. You will Remember my NAME!!
I am leaving behind a legacy....

Don't watch me! Join me!
Find Success, happiness and others that only want to lift you higher!
Crush Debt! Work from home and Experience the True meaning Of FREEDOM with me.

I would LOVE for you to join me on our next Beach Retreat and see first hand how becoming a Beachbody Coach can and will change YOU.
Feel Free to Reach out to me here: Sstakeley@hotamil.com or fill out my online application below:

Be apart of SOMETHING BIGGER, BE Apart of Team Evolve!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do you LOVE to Travel?

I always said when I left the Airlines that SOMEDAY I will travel again and I will get to do so ON MY TERMS!!! At the time it seemed liked just a WISH but I will tell you that it has become an amazing reality for me again!! 

I feel blessed that I have been able to travel coast to coast as my job past, but NEVER in my Wildest Dreams did I think that I could once I took on my schedule at the spa. See in this industry if you don't work you don't get paid. Much like a Hairstylist, Bartender, or Even a Sales job. If you have a quota to meet chances are you are working on Vacation! 
If you are Commission based... NO PAY while away. 
This always bummed me out... I still wanted to see the world and I didn't want to wait till I was 60 to do so. 

With Beachbody it is the BEST of two worlds. When I work I don't feel as if it is a job. It is fun getting to work with people and give them a better life. 
I have a team to back me up and when I am away we help each other out! 

Since I became a Coach I have been on so Many PAID VACATIONS!! 
Florida, Dana Point, CA, Vegas 3 times, Arizona,Virginia, and New York. 

I have also been able to travel with my Husband who is a teacher during the summer and we have been able to see friends and family ALL over the place!! 
This Week I am headed to Destin Florida for a Leadership retreat that I earned. 
We will be staying in a Mansion on the Beach with an amazing pool and view of the water!! 
We will have a Master Clean Chef to prepare our meals and Trainer Workouts Live every morning! 

The best part about traveling for work with Beachbody is that you know you will be SURROUNDED by Like minded people!! You will leave feeling better about yourself. Food For your SOUL!! :)

Its incredible how you are called to certain life experiences and you just never know where they will lead you to!
It's amazing to think 4 years ago I was a new coach, not yet Diamond and just starting to run my very first challenge group.
It's incredible to look back at my journey, to remember how hard it was to get my business started, and how many obstacles and oppositions I had to face. But I never gave up! I mean I wavered, I asked if I could really do it! I wasn'tsure where this business would lead and I certainly never thought it would lead to Success with Team Beachbody!

But, I had a purpose, I had a passion, I had the drive and determination to forge forward no matter what! I see the bigger picture, I envision success, I put my blinders on, I want everyone to be happy and I want everyone to succeed!!
I am a systems gal. I love coming up with Motivation to get others to think harder and DREAM BIGGER, curriculum's and a structure to lead with! 
YES.. Me and Google DOC are serious friends... 

I started with challenge groups and challenge group guides and it moved to team training, team growth and development! I love seeing the fire ignited in my coaches eyes.

One step at a time, brick by brick I have created an organization of incredible leaders! I get to spend time with  a very small portion of  leaders on a trip this week to Destin Florida where we will spend 4 days networking, learning, growing, expanding our thinking and stretching our own limits!

I am just so excited to meet some of these coaches for the very first time face to face. 

I am excited to be surrounded by Team Leaders with a vision and a purpose for their businesses! 
I'm excited to help guide, direct and support this amazing group of women! How blessed I am to have the opportunity to be apart of this training with my team!

 Sometimes I can't believe that this has all happened. It's such a blessing!
 Let the fun begin!

As I sit in Cold Pittsburgh this morning.. I am dreaming of the Beach!! 
Here is a sneak peek of where I will be with my team this Thursday- Monday!! 

EEEK!! So excited!
I can't Wait to be On this Beach with all of YOU!!

If you have ever considered a Career with Beachbody NOW is the TIME!! I would love to have you with me at all of the events and our Retreat Next Year!! 
What do you have to lose? 
Why Not YOU!! 

 I have the most amazing TEAM of supportive, caring, funny and passionate coaches from all over North America and Canada that I get to build this business with every single day. We all have come together to create the most efficient ways for all of our new coaches to start experiencing and building their OWN freedom.
So I can say, YES- this CAN BE the dream job everyone makes it out to be!

Let's Talk it Over!! Apply to be apart of my growing Team Below!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Change your Health and Wealth This FALL!!

OH YEAH!!! We’re doing something fun!!
Ok...so ya know The Biggest Loser?
WELL…Team Evolve is about to run an online accountability group with a similar concept!


So, if you’re ready to hit some goals and you’re a competitive person…this is for YOU!

I am teaming up with some of my coach friends for this one, so the spots are limited since a few of us are adding to this group! {5 have already placed their bets!}

If you’re sick of not feeling your best and you could use the motivation…let’s do this! 
I’m ready to be a challenger right along with you!

What is a Team Evolve CHALLENGE GROUP... You Ask?
So the challenge group is a 30 day group. It's all done through a closed online facebook support group. So only the members of the group can see what is being posted.

What I do is help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs. 

Then I help you choose the best Beachbody workout to get there based on your ability level. 

You replace 1 meal a day with shakeology for the next 30 days to give your body 1 meal that is supercharged with ingredients that will give you natural energy, cravings will be curbed, you will stay full for at least 3 hours and it's equivalent to 6 salads in one meal. 

Then, I am going to teach you how to plan the other meals of the day. I will help you create a customized meal plan, give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and keep you accountable.

Every day I post in the challenge group your daily mindset tip or post. You check in and rate your day and read what is posted. We all keep each other accountable!

I am going to address the emotional eating, eating out at restaurants, how to handle the temptations, SNACKS, EATING FOOD TO LOSE, cheat meals, body image and more!

I've created an entire curriculum for my group!

We are also going to have a $20 BUY IN for this group. The BIGGEST LOSER WILL WIN THE POT!! 
You could win up to $600!!! 

Maybe a JUMP START on Christmas GIFTS!!
Or a Weekend AWAY!!

Here is My Story with the Beachbody Challenge and WHY I have consistently run at least 1 challenge group per month for the last 4 YEARS!!

I BELIEVE 100% that it will change your life.... If you let it!!

I’m looking for a few people who are SERIOUS and READY.

This Challenge Group has Limited Spots and Will be available to My Customers and Team Evolve Coach Customers Only. 
If I am your coach fill out the application below. If you have purchased from Beachbody but have not been given support or have never been contacted by a coach please add that in the description below. 
Each member will replace a meal a day with shakeology and chose a Beachbody in home or on demand workout program to keep the playing field fair. It will run for 30 days and the winner will be based on participation, your weight in measurements and by the scale.
You will be Required to submit before and after photo's privately to me.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Do ONE Good Deed This 911.

Do 1 Good Deed this ‪#‎911day‬
14 years ago and one that day How did you feel?
What meant the most to you in those moments that morning?
I will do 1 Good Deed this 9/11
Will you join me?
Even in devastation there is a lesson. We are shown what matters most.
We come together not as strangers but as united force.
I was a flight attendant that day and in the air grounded at 9:15 am. I was very lucky that it was in pittsburgh, but feared for my co worker friends when I heard about the terrible news.
I remember calling my Mom first. I wanted her to know I was ok.
I received a call from a friend.
After that the phone lines were out and we were told to evacuate the pittsburgh airport and towers.
I describe that moment as calm chaos it was almost as if the world was moving so slow around me with the fear of the unknown.
I got to my car and headed straight for Brian's School. We were only dating 2 years at the time but almost movie like he saw me pull up and ran to greet me.
That is what mattered most to me in that moment... everyone that I Love.
The people in my life.. Not the things.
It's sad to think back on this day... but never forget the lesson.
What truly matters in your life?
What are you thankful for?
I will Never Forget.
I will Prayers for those lost, and the families left behind, and those who continue to put their life on the line for my freedom.

If you do a good deed today Post it below. ~ Sara 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The Healthiest Meal of the Day.
Shakeology® is the most delicious, nutrient-dense, superfood-packed protein shake on the planet.

It’s made with the healthy stuff you should be eating every day, but typically don’t. Shakeology the perfect combination of proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. Plus, it also contains many rare ingredients, including adaptogens, camu-camu, and maca root—things we can’t get from an ordinary diet. So whether you use Shakeology for weight loss, or drink it to optimize your health, this powerful and delicious shake is Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®.

Want to Discuss Shakeology with Your Doctor?

Why we need Shakeology.

Let’s face it, the American diet is terrible. Rarely do any of us eat enough fresh
fruits and vegetables; instead, we reach for what’s quick and easy—packaged
food and fast food—which have been so over processed that their nutrients
have long been destroyed.
The reality is, we’re running our bodies on empty. And like a car, we need fuel
to go. Good fuel. Not empty-calorie junk. When you start thinking of food as
fuel, you immediately realize how important Shakeology is in your daily diet.
Because Shakeology is packed with the world’s most potent, nutritious, and
delicious ingredients, it’s the quickest and easiest way to eat healthy, stay
satisfied, and live a healthy life.

What Shakeology® Really Does for You.

Many customers and potential customers ask what Shakeology is actually supposed to do for them. While each person’s body is unique and different, we have come up with some short summaries of effects that anyone taking Shakeology on a regular basis should experience.
  • Antioxidants. Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants: flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in our antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acai berry, camu-camu, goji, and blueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response.
  • Energy. Shakeology contains a range of B vitamins and trace minerals, like zinc and magnesium, from whole food sources that regulate metabolism and increase energy. Shakeology also contains maca root, an adaptogen herb known to promote endurance and stamina. Check out our Ingredient Spotlight on maca root to learn more.
  • Digestion. The Shakeology non-dairy prebiotic and probiotic blend contains fiber and different enzymes like amylase, papain, cellulose, and lactase, which all support digestion. These ingredients aid in breaking down food molecules into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, so all of the nutrients can be absorbed into your system.
  • Mood. One scoop of Shakeology provides 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. B12 is often linked with good mood maintenance; B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine, crucial to the experience of pleasure. Shakeology also contains cacao, which is very high in phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA acts as a neuromodulator to enhance one’s mood.
  • Detoxification. Many of the ingredients in Shakeology (spirulina, chlorella, flaxseed, barley grass, spinach) contain powerful detoxification compounds such as chlorophyll and alpha-linolenic acid. These ingredients may help rid the body of environmental toxins such as smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products, and pesticides. They also aid in liver detoxification. Shakeology also includes kamut grass, an ingredient coined “nature’s most powerful detoxifier.” This grass has been known to cleanse the body and detoxify the cells to restore health and vitality.
    Immunity. The antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and flavanoids in Shakeology work to support immunity. Some of these ingredients include ashwaganda, acerola cherry, rose hips, and goji berries. The goji berries in Shakeology are one of the richest sources of antioxidants; not only does goji berry promote eye, reproductive, and circulatory health, but it also supports your immune system and promotes longevity!
    Satiety/cravings. The protein, chromium, and nutrient-dense calories from superfoods in Shakeology work to help decrease your appetite. Chromium is important because it helps maintain blood-sugar levels, which reduces sugar cravings and promotes fat metabolism. Plus, protein-rich meals are a great way to keep you feeling full, longer!
  • Complete nutrition: Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body to keep you looking and feeling your best.,

So there you have it! That’s a snapshot of all the wonderful things Shakeology does for your body. We could literally write a book on these potent ingredients (oh hey, we did!), but sometimes a cheat sheet is just what the doctor ordered. If you commit some of the aspects of this article to memory, then the next time someone asks you, “What does Shakeology do for your body?” you’ll be able to provide them with more specialized information than, “It’s the Healthiest Meal of the Day®! It helps you lose weight, curb cravings, lower cholesterol, and increase energy.” This is all true, but at the end of the day, Shakeology is SO much more than that!

Do you have Questions about Shakeology?
If you are interested in replacing a meal a day with a shake?

 Message Me with Questions or 
For Ways you can Save on Your order!