Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Team Evolve ~ Make a Ripple Make a difference.

Team Evolve is about Creating a Ripple and making a Difference! 

"You may be just one drop of rain in the sea of rain drops... But you can make a difference."

YOU can make a difference in this world just by making a ripple.
By deciding to be helpful, nice or just smile to people you meet you will start a ripple of positive vibrations.
This team is not just about changing your health, but your quality of life, your finances and your future. Its about showing others the way. Its about doing something for yourself, BY HELPING OTHERS. 
We create our freedom through inspiring lifestyle changes in others through health and fitness. I want to recognize the diamond leaders on my team. They pay it forward everyday and are creating freedom through more time and income for their family. There is no “type” of coach. We are everyday people with a strong passion to make the world a more positive place and get people in better health.
I am deeply grateful to them, because THEY are the real rock stars. Without this lineup of amazing people, I would still be a Diamond ranked Coach. THEY make up my success. This team is built on organic BELIEF and INSPIRATION in this business.

Ready to Join the Team?

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