Monday, August 24, 2015

New Coach Bootcamp- Find FREEDOM this Fall!!

It's that time!!!! I'm getting ready to launch my New Team Evolve Coach University! A 30 day new coach training program that is going to set you up for success in your business!


I truly believe that starting your own business BEGINS with that feeling in your gut, those butterflies that you feel when you are REALLY REALLY EXCITED about something!
Or Really Scared.... It is a change, BUT what if it could CHANGE EVERYTHING like it has for so many on my team!!

That was me when I signed up to be a Coach! I didn't know how I was going to be successful but I just knew that someway somehow I was going to do something great! Heck I signed for the Discount to save $30 a month on Shakeology because I was afraid to commit to the "business opportunity"
In secret I signed to hold myself accountable as well... If I'm the coach I have to do to teach!!

I Believed in myself but then I also had the drive to wake up every single day and with DILIGENCE on that DREAM! I sacrificed a little TV so that I could lay the groundwork of my business. But I didn't sacrifice what was most important and that is my family! Brian and I have actually grown stronger with this business. We have more time, income, and wiggle room in my schedule to do what we want when we want! And I love the spontaneous side of our relationship!

I teach what I have learned through trial and ERROR!! Like this picture for lesson 27: Spousal Support. I had to incorporate my Husband into my business and help him understand why I was "playing" on Facebook..... I have over the past almost 4 years, tested, failed, rebuilt, re tested and succeeded at creating a customized approach at helping each new coach who joins my team reach their own business goals. I have my NO 5 year degree and a associates degree in Travel. However I have focused and learned ways to lead others because I want this opportunity to change your life like it has mine.

My first goal was to leave a job where I felt like a number! The air in the room felt dense and miserable! Everything in my life was motivating and it was NOT so I had to make it my goal to replace that income and move out! Stay at home Beachbody Coach and Cat Mom in training!! Maybe!! I love my time away from the home at my Salon & Spa so my motto is just DO what you Love each and Every Day!

 Never in a million years did I know that this was my calling!
I never imagined I would be a "health and Fitness coach"!! I like to look at it as a Life Coach and Dream Smasher!! = Beachbody Coach to me!

But Helping others Feel FREEDOM Is 100% my passion in life!!!!

It's pretty amazing to look at this organization and see moms, teachers, fathers, nurses, business professionals build a business that is giving them FREEDOM to spend their days any way that they would like plus the opportunity to do it on their own time and in their own way with the tools that I have provided through our organization!

We are apart of the #1 team in the entire Network, we have rock star leaders, a plethora of documents, scripts, guides and trainings to provide you to grow yourself and your business!

So if you are interested in taking your love for changing lives and turning it into a career I am looking for you!

I'm hand selecting a small number of NEW COACHES to join my on September 7th for a New Coach University 30 day training!

If you are not a coach but would like to join my team please complete the application below! I will contact you in the next 24 hours to discuss the opportunity to see if it would be a good fit for you!!!!

There is no better time than now! 
If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!!!!

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