Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Bucket LIST

I know so cliche'... but Honestly you can tell a lot about a person by their list!! 
I challenged my Husband and Friends to do the same! 
My list will grow and GET CHECKED... but here is what I have so far!! 

If you do it I would love to see your list posted in the comments below!! 

Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

See the prayer wall 

Scratch a record in a major night club 

Catch a fish as tall as me

Be a contestant on the price is right

Ride a camel

Get sprayed by Niagara Falls

Live in a house with a outside luxury shower

Cook with chef Ramsey

Drive a stick shift

Build a no kill animal shelter

See a lion roam free in Africa

Eat Pickled chicken gizzards in Milwaukee

Swim with sharks (in a cage)

Celebrate Halloween in Salem

Have a foam party on a BIG yacht while cruising the Bahamas

Stomp Grapes 

Have a pool with a Rock Slide 

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