Monday, August 10, 2015

The 7 day wait for Siena Bates *Aunt Sisa*

Well HELLO everyone!! 
Yes it's ME!! I Know, I Know! So much has gone on since my last post! 
Summer is always busy...
We have had so many changes!

I have a New Niece and a Sister with a Husband who got a New Job! 
More Travel!! And More Travel! 
My team is Growing like Crazy!! 
New Products 
New Supplements! 
New Workouts! 
New Cookbooks!

 OH MY!! 

Siena 3 days Old ~ My Favorite Photo 

Well lets start with this little bundle of JOY! 
As many of you know I can't have kids so I get to be that Aunt that SPOILS ROTTEN!! 
Siena Marie came into the world 2 weeks early and after a LONG 7 days in the hospital and 20+ hours of labor by C section. 

This little lady was cried over, stressed over and If my my Mom vacuumed the house 1 more time out of stress I may have lost my mind!! LOL! 

We spent the 7 days at the house with the dogs about 10 min from the Syracuse downtown hospital in New York. The waiting area was small and Angie wanted it to be just herself, baby and Owen Daddy! 

This was HARD for me.... I am getting better about control but this was so hard to sit back and send happy vibes from 10 min away and not save the day. I was able to change my schedule around at the spa Wednesday the 29th and since Brian is a teacher we threw clothes into the car, packed a cooler for the road and meals at the house and off we went to drive 5 hours.

I am so thankful for understanding friends as clients at the spa and the ability to make an income from ANYWHERE with Beachbody. Work actually gave me peace during such a hectic time and I feel that is because it isn't work to me! It is fun! 

Tuesday Angie was admitted to the hospital and not until Saturday around 8 am did she have Siena. 
Each day was "fun" living with my Mom, Jack and Brain in a 2 bedroom & 1 Bathroom rental house! 

It is memories in itself! Someday maybe Siena will read this and Laugh!! 
THE VACUUM with Ivan hair!! 
Jack vacuuming Ivan himself!! YEP Angie and he liked it!! LOL!

BUSTED Pap Jack! 
Chino and his spoiled self wanting to snuggle but only on the couch and crying if not on the couch! 
So each night someone sacrificed the bed for the couch pulled back the covers and let him rest in the nook. 

No toilet available and yes I like the dogs used the back yard.. at dark more than once. (TMI)
Brian towering over the claw foot tub shower =====>

Cooking, and Shopping with my MOM. Getting misguided and finding a T pot in the antique store! Great Find! 

Teaching my Mom how to use google maps.... 
to get to Trader Joe's!! 

Nana driving 5 hours by herself after 25 years!
Just to be with you! 

Making dinner and eating with three dogs... 
Oh and the vacuum charging... I.C.E. !!! 


For text messages from Owen and doing anything in our power to get our minds off the pain, frustration, and LONG wait for Siena. 

We went to bed Friday Night after no Baby in July... at 12:00 PM and I woke up at 2:30 to use the bathroom. As the floor squeaked Nana jumped from the couch!! Is she here. 
I knew at that moment that I needed to go downstairs and be with my Mom while the two of us couldn't sleep. 
We were told you would be here by 3:00 am... at 2:30 am no text. 
At 3:00 no text. 
Nana prayed. 
Aunt Sara was legs up in meditation. 

At 5:00 am we got a text. C section. And they didn't have a room to put Angie into for 3 more hours. 
STRESS and NERVES went wild at this point.. 20+ hours and NOW this!! 
My head was ready to pop off!! 
I decided to grab the beats and head outside to dance it off and send good vibes to my Sister. 
Don't stress, You Got This, I got your back. 

It was an interesting morning for the neighbors and we had a RALLY on Facebook with an amazing Dance off sending you good vibes from all across the US!! 
Aunt Kris, Braeleigh, Brogan and Brecklynn joined in too in Erie! 
Braeligh said Aunt Kris was Cray, Cray at 5 years old she cracks me up!! 

I wanted to BURY my face in food for the stress but I didn't!! I danced instead and had eggs. :) 

At 8:00 am AUGUST 1st we got this text!! 

 She is perfect! Everyone is healthy and ALL that worry went away. I took a nap.

Sienna Marie is here and as the proud Aunt I will now overwhelm you with Proud Photos!! 

Sara and Siena Day 1 

Daddy and Siena 

My Sister and her 1st baby.. Siena 

Meet Nana

Uncle Brian afraid to touch you.... you're so tiny.

Heart Filled with with Joy.. tears in my eyes. Mommy in the shower, our first alone time. 

10 fingers, 10 toes LONG toes! Like Daddy! 

It's a Girl with my Dad PAP PAP 

My peanut! 

Now today is 9 days later and I have been home 5 days.... 
I leave today to help your Mother and Spend some time with just the 3 of us while Daddy works. 
I already started a photo book and a memories box for you. 
It was love at first sight and I LOVE that I get to be apart of ALL of the Moments in your life, some I will miss since we live away but I will make it a point to put family first. Hey it's on my Dream Board! And your Mommy and I have planned and prepped for you. 

Love, Aunt Sisa xoxo

To be Continued...... 

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