Thursday, July 16, 2015

LET Freedom Ring!! July 4th 2015

Brian and I got to Take a Road trip!! It was 7 days of fun filled with friendship and family!
It was exciting for me to see how I could work this business remotely and from truly anywhere!

We started out with our cooler packed full of clean snacks and water for our shakeology lunch! We drove 4 hours to the mason Dixon line of Loganville Pa! About 45 min from Baltimore and close to Harrisburg Pa to meet our friends the Jones's!!

We met the Jones family 14 years ago at a campground on the beach of ocean city! They have two sons and at the time they where little! I had a bag full of quarters for laundry and I noticed that they were begging MOM for candy from the machine! They would ride their bike around the circle and each time they passed I would lay down a quarter or two in the road.
Each time faster and faster.... Laughing at the fact that money was appearing before their little eyes!

Soon I couldn't resist and I joined in with the laughter....
I walked over and knocked on the camper to check in with Amanda to see if it was ok that I gave them money and if they used it to buy candy. I introduced myself and as I write this think that it probably looked pretty fishy to be giving candy to little kids!! LOL! But a beautiful friendship became of it!

We spent the rest of the vacation hanging out with the Jones's!! And we even planned to do the same the next year! And we did for years after!
Now that the boys are 21 and 18 the vacations got slimmer.. but we try to visit each other when we can!

We arrived on Friday to their 146 year old home! This house is awesome! It is so loved and so well kept and you can almost feel the love this house radiates! I always feel so welcomed and comfortable with Brett and Amanda. They are just easy people to love.

We started the night with a Crab Feast!! Blue Crab Heaven!! A bushel of crab and Old bay fingers!!
Since we are camping buddies we stayed in the brand new camper in the back yard with them and the 18 year old son Dustin and 2 dogs. It was beautiful.. it even had a kitchen with an Island!!
CAMPING world step up for sure!!

We spent 3 days with the Jones family and we save fireworks from an amazing pier in Maryland after attending a family holiday cookout! It was a night to remember!
We even let Dustin Drive..... It is crazy to me that those little boys are now grown men.

Sunday morning we spent the day and had lunch at an amazing farm to table brewery!
It was breathtaking and just 10 min from their home! We had an amazing lunch and  conversation!

That evening we said our see ya laters and headed to York Pa to visit my college roommate Jerri!
About 45 min away!

I always say that even though experience is all I have from this paid off education It was money well spent to have this girl in my life.
We "see" each other daily in my accountability groups but it was so great to see her brand new smart home in the woods and to meet her Man Friend Skip! We had an amazing home cooked clean meal and she even had all my favorite snacks, coconut creamer, and made me clean snacks for the road!
We always have fun together!!

Monday we stayed until lunch and since Jerri and Skip were at work I worked in the morning while Brian watched sports center!!

We loaded up the car, with all of our treats and headed to New York!!
It was a beautiful ride and I love the waze app!! It guided and protected us through the hills from potholes, police, and road kill hazards!

Over the river and through the woods to my Sister's house we went!!
I was excited to visit her and to help her a little since she is expecting my Niece in a few weeks!

We came prepared with a cooler full of crab! Sister Craving!! So when we arrived Monday Night we had Crab again!! It was fun just to hang out with her, baby and Owen!

Tuesday was our 5 year anniversary!!
We celebrated with a night stay downtown and dinner out at Empire! It was amazing food!
The hotel was awesome and very comfortable! I love a kitchen in the room.

Wednesday we headed back 10 min to my sister's house! We worked together a little and just spent the day doing everyday things!

We shopped and I made crab soup during the day with the leftover crab to freeze and have ready for her if needed when she doesn't want to cook!
I also made dinner... it was great to have this page and my recipe book to make and create Pecan Crusted salmon for my flexitarian sister and the roasted root medley! Two of my Favorites!

We ended the night with a "girls night out" and a Movie Date to see Magic Mike XXL!!
I may have to buy this DVD when it comes out!! HOT BOYS can Dance! LOL!

Thursday we worked together (both my sister and I are Beachbody Coaches) in the morning and by 2:00 we loaded up the car for home.

I was sad to go but I am thankful for the opportunity to work when I want and where I want and to get to travel with my summer off teaching hubby!
Once the baby is here I will get to spend a ton of time helping her out and this would have been something that I could have never done if I didn't leave my current position 2 years ago from Pine tree. I hated having to beg for TIME..
Time to me is FREEDOM! And I want to live a life of experience!!
Not work and bills!

Travel, Family, and Memories are what we experienced on this trip! I may need to look into a camper with an Island!! I would love to spend the summer traveling with my Hubby & Cats just seeing the world! Meeting new people and sharing time with loved ones!

I never thought this would be my life but I am so thankful for it!
If I never said YES to this opportunity I would have missed out on so much joy in my life!
Time, FREEDOM, great Friendships, Debt Free, and Loving Life.

Thank you again Beachbody! Being a Coach is the opportunity of a Lifetime :)

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