Thursday, June 4, 2015

You are a BAD ASS!!

I just finished this book and I cried...... It was amazing to listen to this book on Audible.

If you need to get your life in check and just need a good BAD ASS kick in the butt this is the book for you!
I started this book in April because I was at a point in my life where I needed a jump, I needed to find my drive. passion and POWER back! It was after the death of my father in law and still having to give care to my Mother in law.

 (Long story short since he was diagnosed with cancer on January 7th and spent 6 months in the ICU, moved to hospice and unfortunately passed in a short 3 month battle. While he was in the hospital my MIL fell and broke her femur bone at the end of January. So both in different care centers and so much of my life was turned upside down.)

My Husband was not raised like I was and sometimes I feel like it might be my "punishment" for the silly teenage things that I did to my AMAZING Mother.

It is hard for me to be around negative people. I chose to not surround myself with anyone that doesn't lift me higher.
But she is my Mother in law and I will honor her for giving birth to my amazing Husband... And That is all!

Well this morning I did some deep breathing and meditation today.... 

So calories burned probably 0 but I need to get my mind right today before I tackle my Mother In Law by myself on day 4 of the Reset.

I know you are thinking Mother in laws are all hard to deal with.... But I think if I gave you 1 hour with mine you would run to your MIL with open arms and thank her!! LOL! Maybe Not!

Brian's Mom was (and still is) verbally abusive. If she had Brian and his brother today I believe she would have spent prison time for her methods of "child care" here is just an small example that breaks my heart..... Brian was locked in the basement for 8 hours or more as a child and forced to pee in drain pipes. He was not allowed to get out of bed on the weekends to watch cartoons. EVERYTHING Normal to you as a Child she somehow found a way to make it WRONG and in my eyes mentally sick. 

She is NASTY and she will curse you out in a heartbeat. Brian is not close to his mother, but has forgiven her for what she did and we honor the fact that she is his mother by helping her. This is undeserved! But we are better people than she will ever be.
She is is not thankful for the help rather she thinks its funny to make our lives a living hell!!
I don't know what happened to her in her life that made her this way, or why she has chosen to embrace it and live like this. 
I don't know how Brian survived this but it shows me that your past doesn't pave the way of your future. This is YOUR life and how you chose to live it is up to you. You are in control even if you can't control or pick your parents. 
I am proud of him for all that he has had to overcome. He is a sweet, loving, and very patient man. I have learned so much from him and together we are awesome. 

I am very fortunate to have a loving family and if anything it makes me realize what a precious gift it is!

Whatever you past may be...... or whatever has happened to you know that YOU are the one in charge of your life! And if you need a good KICK in the behind and strength to push forward I would highly suggest that you purchase this book. 
If you are going for NO and Have BIG Life, SCARY, move mountains goals like I have... also a great read!! 

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