Monday, June 8, 2015

Why my Husband and I drink Shakeology EVERY Single Day!!

Do you follow Dr Oz?

How many Superfoods have you purchased,or currently want to purchase and how they can change your health and why after seeing it on his show?

Sara Stakeley
Save Money On Superfoods With Shakeology 

I remember being at a place where I was searching for something to save my health and I had tried EVERYTHING!!! But Nothing was working! Once I started to replace a meal a day with shakeology it took about 2 weeks for me to notice a difference and 3 months for my Dr's to notice a BIG change in my health. That was 31/2 years ago and I haven't missed a day since! 

Brian started drinking shakeology without telling me. (I noticed my supply was going faster but didn't say anything) We watched a documentary on superfoods and health for juicing and he said "we need to get a juicer" I showed him the bag of shakeology and this is what sparked his interest! Everything in the juice he wanted to create was already in the chocolate bag! 100% natural and 70 superfoods!!
He sent me a text about 20 days later from the gym that he had gained 14 pounds of muscle and lost 10 pounds of fat in 1 month!! I {playing his game} asked WOW!! How did you do that?? 
He said "I have been drinking your shakes Babe!!" 
And since that time he refers to it as I have to take my shake! Or I haven't taken my shake! 
Like he is ingesting a pill or something..... but technically he is!!! 
Shakeology replace a 1 a day multivitamin with pure, dehydrated raw ingredients and Yes we take a shake daily to keep our health in check! 

Two Thumbs Up from Brain and Sara Stakeley 

Shakeology is one of the constants in my life that is with me EVERY-SINGLE­-DAY—regardless of where I am or what I’m doing. I started drinking it in September of 2010 and have never missed a day!!! 

People sometimes ask me, “Do you ACTUALLY drink Shakeology every day? Or do you just pretend to so you can sell it to people?”
WHAT? OF COURSE I DRINK IT EVERY DAY! I would never tell anyone to use a product that I didn’t believe in 100%.

Sara Stakeley
Peaches and Cream Shakeology Recipe 

My 3 reasons for drinking Shakeology every day:*

1. Shakeology is (as advertised) your “Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition.”
Shakeology is packed with proteins, antioxidants, superfoods, adaptogens, pre- and probiotics, and phytonutrients. All the stuff that’s inside of fruits and vegetables is IN Shakeology. It’s minimally processed, yet you get maximum amounts of whole-food goodness.
Check out this video here for more info! 

2. Shakeology is the easiest breakfast or Lunch that I’ve ever made.
Water + Ice + Shakeology + Blender = DONE! Why wouldn’t I make it since it’s that easy? Any other healthy breakfast I’ve ever tried to make takes preparation. And cooking. (Think: omelet, muffins, or overnight oats.) I don’t have time for that!
Plus it saves me money!! If I was eating out daily it would cost well over the $4 a day cost for my lunch with shakeology.
Brian replaces a snack with a shake and this isn't just a protein shake! It makes me happy to know that he is getting in his vitamins for the day and superfoods!  
3. I feel better when I drink Shakeology.
A clinical study shows that Shakeology can help you lose weight.** I have personally found that Shakeology also helps reduce my cravings and increase my energy. It has changed my health 100% after 3 months of replacing a meal a day I was able to come off all prescriptions for PCOS a hormonal imbalance and medication for high blood pressure a side effect from metformin. 
I haven't had this much energy since my teenage years! 
And it’s natural energy—not caffeine or a sugar high.
 Now I have a happy crazy hormonal free life. I didn't like who I was before! I like having energy, feeling good and living life to the fullest! 

If you are on the fence about shakeology or would like ways to save or see why it is well worth your $4 a day investment, I would love to teach you more!
If you are ready to give it a try ( message me first for the best way to save on your order) you can order shakeology here: Click Here To Order 
Message me and just ask I want to know more about Shakeology? 

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