Monday, June 1, 2015

June Hot LIST!! What is going on in June From Coach Sara Stakeley

Good Afternoon, Happy June! 

I can't believe Summer is officially here 
and we are already into June!! 
With Summer comes a TON of Events, parties and Fun! 
I wanted to share with you what's going on and where I can 
Help you this month as your Beachbody Coach or Star Upline Sponsor on Team Evolve ! 

This Month Is all About the 21 Day FIX & SAVINGS!! 

Read More Here Just Click on the link!

What is the June Challenge Pack Promotion?
This Month I am offering new and existing customers and new Coaches a discount on
 the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Kickstart with 3-Day Refresh, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and 
21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart with 3-Day Refresh Challenge Packs!! 


21 Day Fix or Fix Extreme Kickstart with 3-Day Refresh

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack Special 

Don't forget to apply to be in my next accountability Group Mission Slimpossible Below!! 

To order or for more details Click the links below Here: 

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Special (Save $70) > Click Here 

21 Day Fix Kick Start w/ 3 day Refresh > Click Here 

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack (save $50) > Click Here 

21 Day Fix Extreme Kick Start w/ 3 Day Refresh > Click Here 

New Team Training:

Are you Ready to tackle some Big Goals in June? Awesome! 
Apply Here to get into the New Training I have for June: 

Are You A New Coach???? If you are a BRAND NEW COACH or you have NEVER been in a COACH APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM and you would like to get your business started then respond to this message to be included in the JUNE 8th Team Evolve University level one  APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. I am going to be teaching you how to invite, how to follow up, start a challenge group, navigate social media and share your transformation and not sell. 

Also, if you have already been through a coach apprenticeship program and you would like to continue on with that base I am going to be hosting a 3 Vital Behaviors Group with a PUSH to Emerald Start that will also start on June 8th. It's a open group with a weekly call on Tuesday's at 9:00 pm EST. Daily check ins to the groups with tips on inviting, handling objections, signing up coaches, advancing to emerald, success club, and social media.

Message me if this group would fit you best. 

If you are ready to push to diamond, or you are a current diamond or new diamond and would like to build stability, sharpen your skills and advance towards star diamond you can join my June 8th GOAL CRUSHERS GROUP. It's a 6 week push to diamond that I am co-hosting with other Team Leaders Top Coach Mel and fellow coach and friend Seay. Our goal is to bring you a well rounded training on marketing, pitching to your niche, inviting, advancing in rank, confidence and more.


Then join my June 22nd 30 Day Mission Slimpossible accountability group:

Make sure you request to join at

Those are your options for support from me as you coach!!!

I want to make sure that I support all of my customers and coaches as best as possible. 
Don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions that you may have!!!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Looking forward to helping you get Healthy or Financially Fit with your business up and running!

Have a great day,
Sara Stakeley 

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