Sunday, June 7, 2015

Husband and Wife Journey on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset ( Week 1 review and the start of week 2)

Well it's Sunday!! 
I feel like my week went fairly well... I had a few zits appear and a few mood swings and slept a lot!! 
It's crazy to see and feel your body changing from the inside and to see the true POWER over what you eat and how you eat it. It has been really awesome to watch my body change, 
skin detox and even my muscles work while resting.

Monday was a good day day 1 and Tuesday I felt a little burned out at the end of my day, but I have to say that the hardest part for me was having to make sure my Hubby had everything he needed for each day with all of his activities! He usually packs his lunch for himself but I was packing his cooler this week for him at school as a teacher.
This will get much easier since school will end this Wednesday!

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I work outside the home at the spa. I thought I was going to cry on Wednesday when a client asked me to make her a coffee! LOL! It just smelled so good!
I am a normal day cup a day person and I don't know why but it just bothered me to smell it and not be allowed to drink it.

I think that is the reason why I love clean eating so much!! You can make or create anything clean and eat it or follow the 80/20 rule and have a cheat meal once a week. It doesn't feel like a diet!
I don't feel like I am on a diet with the Reset either but the restrictions are needed but...... well restricted!

Thursday I had to be prepared and prepared for the WORST! I have a very "challenging" mother in law and had to take her to the Dr by myself. It went well and she found it very funny that I would agree to drink a green grass drink to save my health??? We went grocery shopping and I should have done a cart comparison!! This woman lives off of frozen food and processed crap.
I would drink my green drink any day compared to what crap she consumes!
I have tried to turn her but at 75+ and Knowing everything.... some battles are not worth it!
So I just do and hopefully she will see and ask. She did tell the checkout girl that I must live off Veggies!!

Friday I worked from home and honestly.. I didn't have the brainpower to think so I did a little work in the am and spent the rest of the day on the couch resting and watching mindless TV. {YES I love a good reality TV show and I reward myself with the real housewives and the Bachelorette!}

Saturday at work was good because I was super busy!! However a client brought us Peace, Love, and Donuts!

Have you ever seen them? They Look amazing!! I have never tried their cake donut goodness so I will just have to imagine that they aren't as good as they look! I WAS Strong and I didn't partake!
I was super thankful when my facebook follower and client Carrie brought me a unsweetened organic iced tea! That totally made my day!

So here we are on Sunday and I am setting up for another successful week. I am going to be ready and we have a busy week ahead! My family will be in and we will celebrate on Saturday for my sister's baby shower! Sunday a pirate game and I will be cooler ready!

My Favorite Meal from week 1 the southwest taco pictured below
 and I love the roasted root medley!! 

We had tacos Tuesday and Saturday night! 

Scale Results from week 1! 
Sara down 6 pounds 
Brian down 14 pounds!! 

Here is my meal plan for week two! 

Setup and ready to go!! 

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