Friday, June 12, 2015

Father's Day For my Husband, who lost his father this year.

Father's day can be a difficult day for anyone. With the loss of my father in law this past March 2015 I know this day is going to be a difficult day for my husband, so I decided to switch it up and make it a day about enjoying life! I told Brian's Dad and made him a promise to take care of him and I don't think it would be fair to celebrate this day for the dad's with our normal poolside picnic in the back yard.

It's Crazy to think that Father's Day last year when Brian's Dad was sitting poolside watching the Pirates game on the outside projector that we would be without him this year.
Everyday is a precious gift and you never know when that day will come so make the most out of everyday.

I talked this over with my Dad and we are treating him to a Pirates game this weekend the Sunday before Father's Day and since my Sister will be home too this works out perfect!

This day can be difficult for loss or Many people fight everyday to have a child. Regardless as to why it may be hard here is what I have planned for Brian this year.

Brian has a love for BEER! Yes this man loves craft beers, dark beer and IPA's. He has mentioned to others and myself about wanting to take a trip up north to visit a brewery. They have a wonderful location and restaurant on the property. It's called Timber Creek and we have never been but it looks amazing!

I booked us a reservation and with our friends Chris and Amber we will head up North for a little vacation away from home!

They have a very nice menu and offer many fresh catches for the day since the lake is near by!

My plan is to honor his Dad's Memory with the release of Lanterns the Night Before. I have done this for friends in the past on Holidays that have lost a parent and I feel it is a great way to send love to heaven.

I hope that this brings my husband a sense of peace to be surrounded by loved ones here on this day. His father was a great man and he is greatly missed. I have faith and I know that he is in a better place and that we will get to celebrate with him again.... someday.

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