Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Design your Life the Way YOU want it to Be!!

Over the weekend My Husband and I took a road trip up North on a Sunday and stayed with no agenda till Monday!! This was an Awesome Freeing Feeling for me and I feel that everyone should get to experience life this way. WHY NOT!!

We checked into our hotel on Sunday and I was asked if I needed a wake up call for Monday Am!!
 I replied Oh Hell NO!! I couldn't tell you the last time I set an alarm.

He looked at me and laughed. What do you two do?

I replied that my Husband is a teacher and I work for the largest in home fitness and nutrition company from home called Beachbody.

We put our stuff into the room and headed out to meet friends for the day. It was fathers day and with the recent loss of my Father in Law we needed a day to just celebrate life. So that is what we did!!

We started at a really cool restaurant/pub called Voodoo!
They present the check in old books that you can sign... fun little touch!!

Sara and Brian 4 Ever Stakeley's 

The Decor was really cool and the concept of organic home brewed beer was fun!
 I tried and fell in love with a cucumber & lemon grass beer!

After we wet our whistle we headed for dinner to a different location where two brothers teamed up to create a concept of great beer and farm to table food!! Timber Creek was beautiful! The wood siding and fun layout was super smart in my eyes!

The food Was Amazing and cooked to perfection! I had fish and Brian had steak that was like butter.. you could cut it with your fork!

Can you tell I am a FOODIE and lover of good craft beer!! No Miller light for this chick!

We went back to our hotel early in the evening around 9 to finish watching the Us Open and just relax! I get up earlier than Brian so I worked out to BOD (Beachbody on Demand) with a little 21 Day fix right in the hotel gym. I grabbed 2 coffee's and some fruit and headed back to the room where I packed our 21 day fix breakfast in a cooler. The hotel had a fridge and a microwave so I was set.
I forgot my PC so I did a little work from my phone.

Checked into groups
Checked Emails
And posted my team calls and checked in with my team after the weekend.

We got ready and left around 10 am and headed home on the back roads able to stop and go as we pleased! It was a great day!!

I found a salt lamp at a rock store and found a holistic animal store where I learned from the DR owner about the needs of my cats! I purchased some fun raw foods for the cats and even goats milk for Ani to help with her itchy skin! She is grain intolerant and the boys produce stones... so I needed a food to help ALL of the kids needs!

Grain Free Cats 

I would be doing the WORLD a disservice if I didn't share this opportunity with you!! 
FREEDOM to make a Income from ANYWHERE!! Sure I work hard and I am diligent with my schedule and set up for days away by being organized but It is 100% on my time!! 

Does this sound like something you would want for your life?

Does this sound like you?

Are we a good fit to work together? 

I am accepting Applications Below!! 

Do you provide an income for your family but you would love to work for yourself on her terms. Do you feel that the position you are in at work can not give you the freedom or the happiness that you are looking for in life. Have you worked hard way too long without a rise.

Do you have money to spend but would like to take free vacations and not have to shop on a budget. 
Do you want to be able to work from anywhere! 

Take a road trip and work from a tent in the woods or fancy suite in the middle of the city! 

Are you Fun loving, determined, self motivated, maybe not a girly girl, a nutrition geek, not afraid of what others think, has depth, evolving and thriving to make yourself better, do you love to cook when the hubby does the dishes!! 

If you don't take life too seriously but you are a  BIG Goal setter and love a challenge to work toward a goal. 

Life should be fun dance in the rain and anytime MJ comes on in the car or from a jukebox!!
 HE! HEE! 

Love this!! 

 Qualities That I am looking for: 

Self Motivated  
Funny and Sarcastic but professional  
Positive person
Good Listener

Health and Fitness Interest 
Goal Setter 

Someone who likes to help people
Power Couples (Supportive marriage)
Animal Kids or Supportive Diaper Changing Hubby :)
Business Savvy
Doesn't care what others think but is professional 

Sara Stakeley
Now Hiring for Team Evolve 

This summer is full of opportunity and fun!! If you don't want to join me watch me!! :) 

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