Tuesday, June 9, 2015

21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme Is On Sale!! WHAT!! Join us in Mission Slimpossible!

Ask me how!!! 

I am so excited for this Challenge! After I finish the Ultimate Reset I am heading right back full force into the 21 Day Fix! I love the 30 min workouts and the portion controlled meal plan!
It is so easy to follow and You are allowed Cheats!! Wine, Chocolate, even Cheese!
All in moderation and the results are AMAZING!!

If you already own the fix but don't have a Coach feel free to reach out to me for support!
I would love to show you how my challenge groups work and
keep your accountable to get to your personal goals!! ~ Sara Stakeley 

Sara Stakeley
21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme Accountability 

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Click Here 

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack Click Here 

Who want's to lose weight, gain energy, tone up, feel better, have your clothes fit better, and set a good example for your family?
I know, we are ALL BUSY! But don't let that stop you from reaching your goals!!
Could you make time to fit in just 30 mins a day for 21 days?!?
That's all you need to prepare for Mission Slimpossible for the end of June!

You will receive Nutrition help, Easy to Follow Meal plans, Portion control containers, 30 minute Workouts, Support & Accountability, and my 24/7 Coaching! Everything you could possibly need to succeed!!
Mission Slimpossible!! 

This group will fill super fast like the last so don't think about it, JUST DO IT!
You will not regret it!!

Like, comment, or message me to learn more about it! And SHARE this with someone you know that is busy but might benefit from a program like this!
They will thank you for it! Pre-season starts Monday June 22nd so jump on it NOW!

Anyone who refers 3 friends to join us, get's their for FREE!
Feel Free To Share This Blog Post with Friends!

*In order to keep this challenge group small for one on one attention from me as your coach this challenge group is only open to my customers. ~ Thank you for Understanding.

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