Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Slim Down Accountability Group!

This one is for YOU! 
I know how it feels to be right where you are right now. 

This is for the person who is fed up with starting over. This is for the one who is ready to do it right this time. This is for you if you want to ENJOY getting to where you want to be! I know that I do better when I have like-minded people by my side.

Starting May 25th!! 
*Start with a quick, 3-day cleanse to lose the winter gain and kick off Memorial Day and Summer with a bang!
*Flexible meal plan so you can enjoy vacations, parties, events and weddings without gaining
*One-on-one and group support
*Fun workout that helps you to lose inches and tone up
*Nutritional support
*Huge discounts this month
*A chance to do it BETTER this time around
*Easy healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy!
*Low impact options for anyone easing back into fitness or working around an injury.
I like to keep my groups relatively small to ensure that we can all work together and I can give time to each person. If this sounds like your "light bulb" moment... the way you are going to SEE and FEEL a difference this Summer, shoot me a private message or just comment for more details!

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