Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On a Mission to be debt free in 2015!!

Three and half years ago this week, I decided to take the plunge into Beachbody coaching.  I was overweight, unhealthy and BURIED in debt. At the rate I was going, it would take a little over 30 years to pay off all of our debt… in fact, I was looking into ways to defer and consolidate my credit card debt, student loans, and payments because I didn't have the extra money and we were just living paycheck to paycheck! 
I contemplated bartending again but didn't want to spend more time away from my home since I was already working 65+ hours a week at the spa. I knew I needed to do SOMETHING but had no idea at the time when I signed up I would be here today. 
Instead, I signed as a Beachbody coach for the discount. I wanted to save $30 a month on shakeology. It had transformed my health and I knew I needed it to survive and live the way I wanted to. Healthy, Prescription free, and happy! 
 Once I saw amazing results, and started to share what was working for me. I knew I was onto something!! I get rewarded to help others!! How awesome is that!! 
I set a goal to pay off ALL of our debt as a BEACHBODY coach…and that ONE decision changed my entire life… 
>This month I was able to write a check for the entire balance on my student loans!! 
Yes I had two of them!! But Not ANYMORE!! 
Sara Stakeley
Student loan debt paid in full 

I am forever grateful for this opportunity and this business model has changed my life, my health, my future, and my finances!! 
It has given Me Freedom. ~ Sara

You never know what you will be able to change until you let go of the fear....  just trying something new with no risk involved!! I challenge you to think outside the box and find out if you can change your life with this business too. I have made it my mission to help my team succeed and do the same. 
Want more information about how you can TAKE CONTROL of your health and finances with a career as a Beachbody coach?  Check out this post for more information or message me for details!

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