Monday, May 25, 2015

New Coaches Start Here:

Welcome to Team Evolve!!
As the founder and creator of this team I would like to congratulate you on taking the next step and deciding to join us as a Beachbody Coach! Our mission as a Team is to create a ripple effect and I can not possibly do it alone! That is where you come into play and I am honored to have you here to help us to help others be healthy and financially fit! ~ Sara Stakeley

As a "new Coach" it can sometimes feel that you have SOOOO Much to learn!! Don't get overwhelmed and don't feel like you have to know everything to be successful! You Don't! I am still learning as I go 4 years into my business! If you seek out information first and absolutely can't find the answer be it google search, youtube, or the Beachbody Coach FAQ's ( please feel free to reach out to your upline sponcer or myself via FB Messenger or email

Here is a great way to take it day by day and start your learning to work at your pace!
We also have Coach Camps forming the first Monday of every new month. It is a 30 day, post a day learning to grow your business presence!! Check with your upline sponsor to be added to this closed group!

When I started 4 years ago we didn't have the "learning" that is available to you today. Coaches are growing a business faster and stronger because of these camps! I had to do all the research and "legwork" on my own but I have created this DOC so you don't have to do the same!!

So here is what has stood out and worked for me to be successful!


How to Navigate you Online Office 11m

Back office tour #1 >
Back office training #2 >

Call Schedule For weekly learning and Shout outs!!
>We have a Team Call Monday Night @ 9PM EST and I will post the link for this call and the recording the following day in the Team page!
>We have a National Wake up call every Monday at 11 Am EST I will post the call in number every Monday for this call and the recording is located in the coach breaking news or via team beachbody podcast for mobile listening!

Welcome to Your First Coach Webinar 30m

Managing Your Time.


What is in it and how it can help others?
Why it is so important and beneficial to your health and the health of your customers!
I watched this video 100 times as a new coach!! I wanted to know more about how shakeology can help others and change their health! And my friend Seay Stanford has an AMAZING shakeology presence on her youtube page!
  1. Health Benefits:

EVERYTHING you need to know about SHAKEOLOGY you can learn right here.  These tools I made will teach you what you need to know, how to compare, and how to sell Shakeology.

3.)Overcoming price objections and creating VALUE  40 min.  (you can skip the first 8 min or so)

4.) “Medical Benefits” 35m


You are your own CEO:

How to Earn Money NOW 7m

Overcoming Objections 2m

COACHING CODES: Wanna make life easier for both YOU and your customers?!?! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO from my upline sponsor Melanie Mitro explaining how to use, a GENIUS website build by a fellow coach, Jason Diebold!

Importance Of Challenge Packs: Earn 2 Success Club points and set up your clients for success!

I run a new Challenge every month and you are welcome to run your own or join me by adding your customers to the group as an apprentice coach!

Script to invite to our Challenge> Post with a Picture Monday - Thursday PM (hot times on FB)
Hey Everyone!
I am super EXCITED!! I have been chosen to help lead an accountability group with my coach Sara!!
This is the same group that helped me to lose ________ pounds and become_________ free with shakeology!!
I am allowed to invite 3 People to join me!!
If you are interested comment below, "LIKE" this post or send me a message!!
**First Come, First Serve!!**
I am so excited! I love the accountability, support, and FUN in these Challenges!!

Relationships and FORM 2m

Great ideas to learn their needs and build a relationship of trust.

Grow your business and Income with Rank:

How to Rank advance:

Grow your Team to Emerald in the first 30 days as a New Coach!
I want to be an Emerald Coach:

Where to place you SPOUSE or PARENT in your downline: 8m

How to Earn through Rank Advancement 14m


Personal Development: It is KEY for you to feed your brain to keep it healthy and motivated while helping others! Also a Vital Behavior!
Check the files section here in this group for my PD Book List!!



Nearly every question and topic is already covered here.  Scan through the headings so you know for future reference what is there. You can navigate this page by typing anything into the magnifying bar under the cover photo in this group! :)