Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Letter to the Childless Woman... Celebrate Mother's Day!!

So I felt that I need to address this issue since it was just Mother's Day and I am sure it can be a hard, sad and difficult day for many. 

My diagnosis and effects of PCOS are not what most have experienced, I have been told that I would have a very hard time having my own child. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 13 years old and at this very young developmental stage suffered from many years of pain due to recurring cysts till 31. 

I have been able to blow my Dr's away with the success of my health, becoming prescription free and that has been a blessing in my life. 

I am thankful for the love and friendship with my Husband and I was talking to him about this last night. I feel that a "Mother" is a term that can be used for many things. I mother my pets, I mother my team of coaches, I mother my friends and family. 

The dictionary definition of the word Mother > a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. 

Seems rather sad to me and I feel that we should expand on this definition!! If you have been lucky enough to conceive a child this hardly makes you a Mother. 


A Mother is someone who cares for you, loves you no matter what, and someone you can turn to for guidance. Someone who sets examples, and it's not about what you give up but what you gain from just being around them.

Many people in my family time spent on Mother's Day wished me a Happy Mothers Day in reply to my wish to them. 

Thank you I would say... as I thought I have 3 fur babies!! And the word Mother means something so different to me. 

But many replied with an apology... after not realizing what they said. 

And one in particular that stuck out and came up in conversation last night with the hubby was .. 

Maybe Someday you will get to experience a "Real" Mother's Day!!!! 

I had No Reply for this at the time but my hubby came to my rescue and stepped in!! Well we sure are having fun trying, since we are getting personal... how is your sex life? 

I kinda smirked.... It's true it is personal!!! 

This made me think..... People say the darndest things don't they!! 

I am sure if you have not produced children you have encountered the same things, maybe EVEN worse... Gosh I hope NOT but honestly I can only imagine!! 

((( As I write this and cover my chilly cat who is pawing at me to get under the blanket !!! ))) LOL!!

I said to my Husband I have experienced many Real Mothers Days, 35 to be exact!! I have been blessed with an exceptional Mother, Grandmother, Godmother and I love that I get to honor them on this special day.

I also honor my friends that give themselves to my life, they are my go to gals when I need a little extra push or some raw advice! 
I love This Picture!! Celebrate Best Friends DAY! 

I love this idea for Mother's Day! 

I feel that if we stay close minded on this day it can bring us sadness.
I feel like women who can't or have been told they will have difficulties deserve to be heard.

Many women desperately want to have a "Real" Mother's Day, but haven't yet.

In closing I don't want to get on my soap box here but I think that in general we need to learn to be more careful with words. From a one Childless "Mother" to the next.

Happy Tuesday to all of you that take the time to show to others that you care.

XO Sara Stakeley

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