Thursday, May 14, 2015

Team Evolve Coach Sneak Peek!!

Please help me congratulate these two beautiful Ladies on my Team!! 

Kerri Bauer is a fit and happy Diamond Leader coach on my team that has a passion for both fitness and nutrition. She is a Wife, And a Mother to her little guy and is currently expecting her second child!! 
She was a counselor but has recently moved and been able to follow her passion for fitness and work from home with Beachbody while growing her family!!
Her Fun Spirit and Love for life is contagious!! She has had such AMAZING Success in her online fitness business! Hitting Milestones (( Blowing them out of the water!!)) and growing her business and team.

Kerri says: "I loved being a counselor but being able to work from home as a health coach and not miss a moment with this kid is everything"

* Success Club is a benchmark in our business and it show's the number of lives each one of these coaches is changing monthly.
Diamond is a term we use for showing growth and adding coaches to your team to expand your business and help more people!!
The power of 1 is amazing.... But the power of Many is Life Changing!! Such a ripple effect!! >>>>>>>

Angie Bates
My Sister and VERY First Diamond Coach!!
She is a Wife and a soon to be Mother!! **Proud Aunt**
My sister has had a passion for fitness since she was a child!!
Her "skinny" jeans are not passed down but worked towards everyday! She loves getting to train others in the gym about fitness and nutrition but has found that she can do just that FROM ANYWHERE she lives and in the comfort of her own home.
While working on growing her family and on her time!!
I love that this business platform is not only changing Her life but the Life of Our Family!!
From a business perspective, You may have heard NEVER mix Business With Family... But that is not the case with Beachbody!!
The more I grow I help my Sister grow!! How Cool is that!!
And the more She grows BOTH of our Incomes Go UP!!

A client of her's at the gym in Charlotte messaged her to tell her even though she moved and is no longer at her gym she continues to bless her life with motivation!! heart emoticon
Angie Says " There is Magic in Social media!! If you wonder why I post daily about living a healthy lifestyle...THIS IS WHY! It's not to brag about myself or my journey, it's to help others on their journey. I love helping people through health and fitness. We all have different lifestyle. We all have different goals. We all live in different areas. But this allows me to help everyone in general and share that this lifestyle is possible."
Congratulations on ACHIEVING Success club STATUS!!! 

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Me and My Sister at Summit in Vegas! 

You know I have been spending a lot of time these past few weeks just reflecting on where I was 4 years ago.

I really started with just wanting to help 1 person feel the exact same way that I did.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I had never heard of network marketing, of social media as a source of income and I truly had no expectations other than to just see other people feel better about themselves.  So I started small, I became a sponge to everything I could read and learn about Beachbody.  I invited my friends and family to join a support and accountability group and I just dabbled in this business.  I quickly realized that there was an opportunity out there to really earn a significant income and at that time our family could definitely use it.  Brian and I did make the sacrifices.. Which meant financially no wiggle room.  So a little extra income from home would definitely allow us to have some cushion in our budget.  That was appealing to me!
It's not just about a rank or a title, it's more about the relationships you build, the success your team has and the feeling that you were able to make a positive impact in the lives of others!

I have created a system for my team based on what Team Beachbody has created to train new coaches and my own personal experience that has proven to be extremely successful at getting each and every new coach started right.  My goal is to not overwhelm you with the business but to teach you how to get started, to prioritize what is most important, to manage your time, to make this work while still having preserved your family balance and to help you earn an extra income for your family or even honestly replace a salary or income from a job you would like to change!  It takes a little prioritizing, time management, and multitasking but you can absolutely make this business work for you! 

Whether it's just a few hours a week or full time I can help you set goals that meet your lifestyle.  I have no minimum expectations and you can truly do as little or as much as you want as a coach!  I let you set the pace and I match that pace with your effort!!!  I am not your Boss or Dictator but I am your mentor, coach and guide!

Other ways to gather more information:  I will be running a 5 day behind the scenes look into my business starting the 3rd Monday of every month
 if you would like to know more about coaching on my team!

  You can ask questions in a closed group, you can get answers about what it means to be a Beachbody Coach on my team and I will provide information to you on different topics through the week to help you make a more educated decision on joining the Team Evolve.  Please email me at if you would like to participate in the "Behind the Scenes" group.

Beachbody Coach, Success, Success Mom's, New Mom's, Fitness trainers, part time job, Full time Job, Work for yourself, work from home, Sara Stakeley,,

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having you as the newest Team Evolve Coach!  We are no doubt a great family, currently a part of the #1 team in the organization and we have an excellent track record of providing quality service, support and training to everyone that joins our team!  You definitely will not be left out there to figure it out on your own!  We are committed to continually improving our customer service to provide you with the best support and mentoring possible!

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