Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I got a Raise and a Office With A View!!

Today is a very SPECIAL DAY for me!!
Today Marks 2 years since I was able to quit my full time position at the Pinetree Spa.

I worked for this particular spa for many years and I really enjoyed the close location to my home and the clients I had. It was a quiet "spa like" environment in a office building that had 2 windows.
1 at the front desk and 1 in the owners office.

I worked Tuesday thru Saturday and with set up and clean up, I worked about 55 hours a week and still had no wiggle room in my income and no sunlight on my face!!! LOL!

If I didn't work I didn't get paid and I would hustle all day long to fit in as many clients as I could to make the most of my income.

 I saw little room for growth for my family this way and even considered bartending again to make extra income in the evenings, but I didn't want to spend more time away from my Husband.

I started working as a Beachbody coach for the discount on shakeology.... BUT in two years time I was able to pay off debt, get more wiggle room in my income and save up enough money to leave this full time job for a better environment just up the road a little at Halo Salon and Spa.

My goal was never to quite my job but to make it work for me and my life.
Making people feel good inside and out and not having a Job but "working" doing what I love.
Now I get to work from home 3 days a week and outside of the home at the Spa 3 days a week.

2 years ago this was a very scary step for me to take.

It was the fear of the unknown!!
Would I make enough?
Could I do It?
Will we lose our house???
Scary Right!!

But I DID IT!!
You bet I did and I was able to Triple my Income!

I Got a OFFICE with a VIEW!!

I encourage you to face your fear of the what ifs!!
You never know where you will be and when you will be the one in need of a change.
Live your Life by your Design and Never let Fear stand in the way of a Dream!


If you have ever wondered what it could be like to be a coach I would love to show you how this business has changed my life.

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