Monday, April 27, 2015

Coach Highlight: My Sister and her Pregnancy while Working out and drinking Shakeology.

Meet my Sister Angie Bates! 
She is a coach on my team and is currently pregnant with niece! 
Since I have never been and have been told it would be difficult to even get pregnant with my particular history of early on PCOS, I wanted to reach out to her to have a little Q and A on how she has continued to focus on her health while creating a baby!! 

My sister has always had a passion for fitness. 
She has a college education for health and fitness and is an ACE (American Council on Exercise)  Personal trainer. 
She is a certified  PiYo, and P90X instructor. 

Since my Brother in law and her Husband moved locations last November for his job from Charlotte, NC  to New York, she has been able to teach and train 100% online as a Star Diamond Coach in her Beachbody business.  
It has been a blessing to her and her growing family to be able to make an income from home on her time through this pregnancy!! 

Me and My Sister the mother to be Angie 

As a Coach I have access to a "Dear Doctor Letter" it is an excellent way to show your doctor exactly what is in Shakeology.
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I would be happy to share this letter with you, to share with your Doctor!! 

Baby Bates is 23 weeks!! 

Question: Since you have continued to drink Shakeology with your Dr's blessing what differences have you noticed in your health, and what benefits have you found with shakeology during your pregnancy?

Answer: I've replaced my daily prenatal vitamin with Shakeology since finding out I was pregnant. 

I've also added in 400 mg of folic acid (helps with brain development) and omega 3's."

((( But as always you want to check with your Doctors before 
to find out what is best for you and your baby's needs))) 

"It has helped with pregnancy cravings, definitely gives me energy to workout, good way to add the extra needed calories in a healthy way, some people struggle to eat veggies while prego so it's a great way to get that in, since I am vegetarian it is also a added protein since I you don't eat meat."

QuestionWhat workouts are you currently doing or have found to be the best workouts to do in home with Beachbody?

Answer: Beachbody programs such as Piyo or 21 day fix are a great tool to guide you through your pregnancy workouts. 

Working out while pregnant has so many benefits. 
  • It will help with gaining unnecessary extra weight from possibly over eating. 
  • It helps to reduce pain in your lower back and joint. 
  • Helps to maintain your strength. 
  • Helps you sleep. 
  • Helps you to maintain your flexibility. 

Studies have shown that it will help you to have easier labor, and will help you to bounce back after the baby is here!!

I like The 21 day fix because she gives plenty of rest periods between each set. Which is needed because your heart rate increases and you lose your breath fast while pregnant so it doesn't push you too hard. 

You can modify the movements by lowering the weights or no weights, you can take out the jumping movements as you become farther along.
Piyo is great because of it's stretch and strength concept. 
It also allows you to bring up your heart rate like a cardio would do without the pounding on your joints like other cardio workouts. 

Stretching is key to staying flexible especially in the hips and legs for labor. 

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"If you are not a weight lifter this is a great way to build body strength by using your own body weight. Some modification will be needed as you progress such as doing side planks instead of front planks, modifying with knees on the ground while doing push-ups. 

These are just a few examples, because it really depends on the pregnant mothers abilities and if they worked out on a regular basis before becoming pregnant. 

 I think the biggest thing to stress is to listen to your own body and also clear it with the doctor."

I am an Excited AUNT!!! I can Hardly WAIT!! 
I think it is great that when you have the energy you can continue to focus on your health when it is MOST important!! I am excited to meet my niece and it has been so exciting getting to see my sister create life!! I hope that this post can answer some of the questions you might have with your decision to continue to drink shakeology and workout while pregnant. 


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