Monday, March 30, 2015

I am truly blessed....

Ever have one of those full circle moments, where you just think to yourself... I am truly blessed?
That was me today...
As I worked today catching up on emails, messages and listening to training calls. I was taken back by the blessings my beachbody business has given me over the years and especially in the last three months.

With the terminal diagnosis for my father in law and the injury to my mother in law my whole world was flipped and my focus had to shift.
Again reminding me of the importance of this business in my life.

It is truly a blessing to be able to work from ANYWHERE from a laptop or at times a smartphone. 
This business layout and my team working hard toward the goals of helping people has honestly saved my mind of worry with financial debt and has given me the most precious gift.... TIME.
There were many days where I couldn't go into work at the spa and in doing so knew that I wasn't going to get paid. We were called into the ER and when they moved my father in law to hospice we were told at the time that he had 3 days to live.
That blessing of TIME gave me the ability to be there for my husband to support him. It gave me memories and stories told to me from my father in law in the 10 days he actually lived in hospice.

This freedom gave me a moment with him alone when Brian was getting a coffee where he thanked me for loving and taking care of his son.
It gave me a week after his passing to be with my husband in his time of need and loss.
It all started for me because I wanted to save monthly on shakeology but I never realized at the time how many ways this business would change my life.
A lot of people don't realize there is a financial side to coaching. I've built a business that provides residual income for me and family, simply by helping people live healthier and building a team of others that do the same.

These are not co workers. These are people that have become my families best friends. This business is full of people who want to see you succeed and lift you higher.

If you aren't living for something way bigger than yourself, we should talk.
If you are searching for freedom with your career and the ability to work from anywhere this could be the right fit for you too.

I feel like I would be doing the world a great dis service if I didn't share this opportunity and the ways it has been able to bless my life heart emoticon

To join my New Coach Camp an online informational group for April! 
Apply here online or message me for details.
Thank you beachbody for this opportunity I am forever grateful.
Sara Stakeley

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