Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey Sara..... Where have you been?

Well.... Let me first start by saying this New Year started out a little rocky!! I'm still here but I have had so much going on.

The last two months have been a bit nuts for my Husband and I !! 
To say the least... but I wanted to thank you all for your thoughts,support and prayers.
My Father in Law was taken to the hospital on January 8th because he was feeling weak and had a hard time getting out of bed to even eat. After being admitted to the ICU because his heart rate he remained there for two days and was transferred to a room. He was then scanned and tested because of a mass they found under his left arm. This mass came back as cancer and since it was left untreated had spread throughout his entire body except his brain. Merkel cell carcinoma is a form of skin cancer and it affects people over 50. It is aggressive form of cancer and spreads rapidly if not treated. 

My Father in Law is not one to complain and it was unnoticed for about 3 months we think. He is being treated with radiation to lessen the pain and reduce swelling. He has received 3 treatments of chemo that ended on Saturday the 17th February. He is doing well and is in good spirits. He is currently still in the ICU because of his breathing and will be transferred to a room in the hospital once his oxygen levels are stable. 

Brian and I have been taking his mother to and from the hospital and Saturday night after a long day in the ICU we took his mother home. We always wait to make sure she gets into the house and she flashes the light when she is in and settled. Well Saturday we waited and no light was flashed. Brian checked the front door and then ran to the back of the house where he could hear his mother yelling that she had fallen. Once inside the house she was laying on the floor.... she had fallen down the stairs. 

I told Brian not to move her and I called 911. Once the ambulance came they assessed her and transported her to the hospital where we had just left my father in law. 

I sat in the waiting area in disbelief that this had just happened. 
Both Parents in the hospital and I prayed that she was ok.

They did a full body scan since she had a bump and bruise on her head cuts and scrapes all over her body and complained of leg pain.
They had cut her jeans on her left leg and her femur bone had broken through the skin of her leg broken into pieces from what we could see on the X-ray. She was then moved to another hospital about 10 min away to be seen by a specialist to do the surgery. 

At around 4:30 am we were told that they would do surgery to stabilize the leg but try to fix the bone as well. Around 7:00 that morning she was moved to surgery and with success they were able to fix the leg. 

About two week later Brian's father was still in the ICU and a new issue arose his lungs were failing. The treatments for the cancer had to stop because he was too weak and required too much oxygen to leave the ICU.  With his diagnosis for the cancer considered incurable and the cancer throughout his entire body except his brain we had to make the tough decision to have him treated for comfort and moved to hospice for end of life care. The doctors couldn't give us an exact time but thought at most he would live three days once he was off the oxygen. 

Hospice Care is a wonderful place and the treatment he received was amazing! I really give so much credit to the Dr's and Nurses that work in this line of care. 
My Father in law spent 10 days in hospice care and his medication had balanced out and he was requiring little to no oxygen. The stress from the ICU was gone and he was feeling comfortable. We had good days and bad but he is a fighter. 

Since he became stable he had to be moved out of hospice acute care and moved to assisted living. He is still bed ridden and considered on inactive care. He is weak and showing signs of confusion. He is being treated for pain and comfort management. 

My Mother in law is still being treated in a rehabilitation center close by and we are hoping that she will be cleared to be a little more mobile after he doctors visit later this month. 

So Long story short both are stable and resting.... 

In times like this we are truly blessed with our friends and my family for their support. 
Brian and I are doing everything we can to help, visit and be with his parents. 
Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. It really means so much to us and our family.

heart emoticSar

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