Monday, February 9, 2015

Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity Open House!

Are you someone that really likes clean eating, that has either tried or has completed a Beachbody workout?  Are you someone who really needs accountability to stay on track with your fitness goals? Do you feel like you are constantly surrounded by negativity every day?  Do you feel like the cards are stacked against you with your weight loss?  Or, do you really want to have a career in health and fitness but just don't know how to do it and continue to earn an income that can sustain your quality of life?

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If any of those apply to you then you might be a good fit for my team!  
I started as a Beachbody Coach 3 years ago because I graduated from my challenge group, completed P90X, learned how to eat clean and got amazing results.  I was so stoked by the response I received from people about my transformation 
that I knew I had to pay it forward and help others. 

Beachbody coach, Beachbody open house, Sara Stakeley,, Team Evolve, PCOS Coach, extra income, make a income from home,

So I am inviting you, my awesome readers to join me the week of February 16th for a totally relaxed closed facebook group of informational videos and posts about what I do as a coach.  I am going to cover how I earn an income as a coach, how I mentor my coaches on my team, what are the expectations of a coach and what is the initial investment to you as the customer.  
You literally just log in each day and check it out! 
You're welcome to post comments or questions below the daily post or private message me if you feel more comfortable doing so. 

After the open house, we can chat as to whether or not this is right for you!!!  
Maybe it will be and maybe it won't but at least you can say you checked it out!

Here are a little stats!  In just 3 years I went from a over worked skin tech working at a spa 60+ hours a week I was miserable about my body and my  health to being in the best health of my life.  From a two person family income with no wiggle room to doubling my income from home only working 20 hours a week outside the home. 
I went from being a coach with no qualifications behind my name to a 3 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach.  I am already on track to be an Elite Coach for the year and I am currently the #124 Beachbody Coach in the entire network of 138,000 coaches.  

 I am a wife to my Husband Brian that I met 15 years ago, married for almost 5 years!! 
 And I am totally a real person!  
I have a messy house, I have life issues that come up, I some days don't get enough sleep and I sometimes have more than 1 glass of wine! I am just like you!  
Not perfect by any means.  I have just done the right activities with consistency over time to produce results!  
This my friend, I plan on teaching you if you join my team!

Beachbody Coach

Making a change in anything you do can be scary.

There is the fear of the unknown.
The what if I fail.
The where do I even start.
Will I be successful.
Will I waste my money.

There are so many what ifs that you can literally get caught up in the negative and never even see all the POSSIBILITIES that are right at your finger tips! 

So if you are someone who would like to be a coach but you are unsure of what A "COACH" entails or how you would get started I am inviting you  to join me in a closed facebook group where you can get daily information, ask questions and hear from other coaches who come from a variety of backgrounds from working moms, nurses, fitness professionals, teachers, stay at home moms, engineers, and more! 

There is no set mold or model for a beachbody coach! If you want to be a success then it starts with a decision!

Message me or fill out this application below if you are NOT a current coach and you would like to EXPLORE the opportunity of coaching on Team Evolve!!!

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