Monday, February 2, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Is LIVE and Ready to order!!

I just ordered Mine and I am so excited!!
The 21 Day fix Extreme is Finally Here and Ready for purchase!! 
Don't Delay! The 21 day fix was so popular last year and sold out in 5 days!! 

My online groups have formed and I am READY FOR YOU! 
You are WORTH IT! 
In just 21 days you could be 8-12 pounds lighter! 
Lets do this!

Yes I want the 21 Day Fix Extreme!! 
Click here to order! 

What is 21 Day Fix EXTREME?

21 Day Fix EXTREME is the next program in the Fix product line.  
It builds off the basics of 21 Day Fix and takes it to the next level. 
Combining no-nonsense portion control with steady state aerobics, 
resistance training, and explosive power moves, 
21 Day Fix Extreme is a complete functional fitness program that targets every muscle
 in the body to help you will torch calories while creating a leaner, 
stronger and more functional physique.

You will get everything you see below with your challenge pack order!! 
 21 day fix portion controlled containers, NEW 30 min Workouts, and Shakeology to replace a meal easily each day with your purchase! 
Plus I am going to be hosting an EXCLUSIVE 21 Day Fix Extreme TEST Group where I will be mentoring you through the program, teaching you how to navigate the nutrition plan, create a meal plan, prep, give you snack ideas, recipes, and tips.  Plus you will get daily videos, motivation and accountability right from me in a closed online group!!! 
Our goal is to set realistic and achievable goals and to go 100% in for 21 days to achieve the very best results we can achieve!!! 

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack 

Does this sound like something you would like to do? 
 If so, complete the application below to be considered for a spot in my exclusive test group!!!!

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